Ellen: Bethenny Frankel “Bethenny” Daytime Talk Show


Ellen: Bethenny Frankel “Bethenny”

Reality star, entrepreneur, wife, mom, and “Skinny Girl”– Bethenny Frankel wears many hats! This past summer, Bethenny hosted her own daytime talk show, Bethenny. Thanks in part to Ellen, who supported Bethenny’s venture into daytime television, Bethenny had a great summer filled with celebrity guests, games, Skinny Girl cocktails, and lots of fun.

When she joined Ellen for an interview, Bethenny and Ellen both toasted to her show. Bethenny referred to the show as “the most unbelievable experience,” and thanked Ellen for all of her help in making it a success.


Ellen: Bethenny New Season

Ellen: Bethenny Frankel "Bethenny" Daytime Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel joined Ellen to discuss the success of her daytime talk show, “Bethenny.” (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen said that Bethenny is a great talk show host, because she really puts people at ease. She can get people to discuss some uncomfortable topics that they wouldn’t usually be willing to divulge on national television. Bethenny believes that her show is truly a two-way street; she enjoys learning about people’s lives and experiences. “I learn as much from the audience as they learn from me,” she said.

Not too many details can be revealed just yet, but Bethenny was proud to announce that her will be returning for a new season. So stay tuned!


Bethenny Frankel: Let’s Go There

On Bethenny’s show, she had a segment entitled “Let’s Go There” in which audience members revealed some of their biggest secrets. And while Ellen isn’t usually one to go for the racier or more scandalous side of things, she decided to join Bethenny in some fun!

Our first audience member was Lisa, who is thirty-nine and is dating a much– I mean, MUCH– older man. Lisa’s friends and family think that her boyfriend is fifty-eight, but he is actually 78.

The first thing that Bethenny wanted to know was, “how is he in the sack?” Lisa was shocked. “I have to say that on national television? Well, he’s great!” Lisa and her boyfriend have been together for three months, and are clearly happy. So Bethenny said, “as long as you love him, and you’re in his will, then I wish you all the luck in the world!”

Next up was Sherri, a 56-year-old grandmother who admitted that her “hall pass” is rapper Pit Bull. This prompted Bethenny and Ellen to question the idea of the hall pass itself (which is, you get one pre-approved “pass” to cheat on your spouse with a celebrity crush). Would she really cheat? “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen!” Sherri said sarcastically. Ellen joked, “Pit Bull, come on out here!”


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