Ellen: Bethenny Ever After & NY Apartment Renovations


Ellen: Bethenny Ever After Review

Ellen asked what viewers can expect on the new season of Bethenny Ever After. Previous seasons chronicled Bethenny’s engagement, wedding, and the birth of her child.

“This season’s about the second year of marriage,” Bethenny said. She said she feels a responsibility to be honest with her fans.


She said that negative press and recent struggles have been exhausting, and she is trying to live up to all her responsibilities. “It’s a real reality show,” Bethenny said, “which is oddly not that common.”

Ellen: Bethenny Ever After

Bethenny Frankel told Ellen what to expect from the new season of her Bravo reality show, Bethenny Ever After. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Bethenny explained that most reality shows are scripted, but she doesn’t know how to create a TV persona so she is just herself.


Bethenny Frankel: Walk In Your Shoes

Bethenny is doing a new experiment where she will trade places with interested viewers, to see how they live. Participants will get to talk in Bethenny’s shoes in New York while she takes on the challenges of their lives.

She said she doesn’t know what to expect, and will feel like a fish out of water, especially if she has to confront clutter, which she hates. She hopes she doesn’t have a nervous breakdown.

Bethenny Frankel Home Renovations

Ellen asked about Bethenny’s New York apartment renovations. Bethenny told Ellen when she bought it that the renovations would be finished by February 2012, but Ellen was skeptical. It turns out Ellen was right, because the deadline has now been pushed to March 15.

But Ellen said she doesn’t even think the renovations will be done by the new deadline. Bethenny said she feels like her current landlord is holding her hostage.

Bethenny Frankel New Mom Anxiety

She also said she was getting over the anxiety of leaving her daughter for the first time. This two-day trip is the longest they have ever been apart, and she had to psych herself up that everything would be OK. But she’s glad she did it. “You’ve got to let yourself do things sometimes,” Bethenny said.

New episodes of Bethenny Ever After air Mondays on Bravo.

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