Ellen: Beth Stern Mom Caves, Animal Resuce & Howard Stern Photography


Ellen: Beth Stern Animal Lover

Beth Stern has a lot in common with Ellen DeGeneres, including TV careers and a love for animals. So how did Howard Stern’s wife introduce herself to the biggest animal lover in daytime?

Ellen said she and Beth met at a party hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Beth said she introduced herself to Ellen and Portia by revealing that she loved animals.


“I actually didn’t remember that you said that to me,” Ellen said. “It’s a good icebreaker with me.”

Ellen: Beth & Howard Stern

Beth Stern told Ellen her husband is very different at home versus his radio personality. (Image Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)

Beth told Howard later that she couldn’t believe she said that to the famous couple, whom she admires.


Ellen & Beth Stern on Howard Stern

“It’s a big surprise when people really know who Howard is,” Ellen said of Beth’s husband. “He’s a maniac on the radio,” Beth agreed. But she revealed that she and Howard recently took a beach walk and found a seal.

They watched him for awhile, and after they went home, Howard left again with photography equipment to indulge his latest hobby. He spent hours there with the seal, and even made a special trip back to thank the seal for its time.

“He’s really into photography right now,” Beth said. She shared an adorable picture of the seal, and Ellen offered to buy it on the spot.

But Beth isn’t a huge fan of all the photos; she said Howard takes more candid shots around the house than she is comfortable with, but at least she gets to approve photos before he shares them on Twitter.

Ellen: Howard Stern’s Animals

The couple has a bulldog named Bianca, as well as three rescue cats they’ve taken in over the last few years. Beth works with the North Shore Animal League America, which she said is “the largest no kill shelter in the world. 20,000 adoptions a year. I’m really proud to work with them.”

But the problem she has with volunteering is that she connects easily with the animals and that’s how they’ve ended up with three cats. At first, Howard mistook the 22 pound black cat for a panther; but it’s their new cat, Leon. Now all three cats get along well.

Ellen: Beth Stern Mom Caves Review

Beth Stern’s latest project is a home makeover show called Mom Caves. Husbands can nominate deserving wives, and Beth’s crew surprises the woman with a personal space for herself in the home.

She works with the mom and the design team to put together personalized spaces that give ordinary people some extra joy in their lives. Beth was beaming as she talked about the new project, and that sounds like a fun twist on this genre of home makeover shows.

You can see Mom Caves on HGTV. It premieres Saturday May 12 2012.


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