Ellen: Beth Behrs Sings Taylor Swift & Two Broke Girls Season Finale


Beth Behrs Loves to Dance

Beth Behrs from Two Broke Girls came out and did the most dedicated dance ever seen on Ellen. She didn’t let the fact that Ellen was laughing at her stop her fun. Behrs was part of an African American dance troupe growing up. They danced to steel drums and she really enjoyed it.

She said she thought she was really good at dancing, but it turns out she wasn’t. Her exact word for it was “spazzing.” The dance troupe leader said she felt it better than anyone else in the group, but never got a step right. It seemed like feeling the music was better than precise moves.


Ellen: Beth Behrs Sings Taylor Swift & Two Broke Girls Season Finale

Beth Behrs is learning guitar and can sing you a Taylor Swift song. She said there is a big surprise on the season finale of Two Broke Girls. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Beth Behrs: White House Correspondents’ Dinner Snafu

For her first White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Beth Behrs wore one of her favorite dresses. It had a corset and a long black train. Her shoes were covered in rhinestones and she thought it was a glamorous look. She went up during the meal to say hello to Barack and Michelle and was supposed to just wave and walk on. The shoes and the train had an unfortunate collision. She couldn’t move and had to have two strangers fix her train while she tried to keep moving.

Behrs said it was awkward, but at least she got to see the President. Ellen said a train was a bad idea in the first place because there are so many people it’s impossible to move. Beth ended up getting stuck between Nicole Kidman and Harvey Weinstein.


What Does “Bon Soir” Mean?

On a recent trip to France, Beth and her mother had a hard time getting around without speaking French. “I’m sorry, I’m American do you speak English?” was her back up phrase.

She thought that she had learned a gem of a phrase with “bon soir.” She saw people greeting each other with the phrase and decided to use it the next day out. Unfortunately, “bon soir” means good night. Beth Behrs was telling everyone good night all day long.

Season Finale Of Two Broke Girls

There is a big reveal in this week’s season finale of Two Broke Girls. Beth Behrs said that it sets up the future for Caroline and Max and the cupcake shop of their dreams. They’ve been trying so hard to get into business it would be heartbreaking for another bump in the road.

But forget about bumps in the road, because Beth Behrs can play “Teardrops on My Guitar!” She’s teaching herself to play guitar and is starting with the four basic chords that Taylor Swift plays with. Ellen gave her special guitar pick and she went at it. The song wasn’t exactly T.Swift, but she gets an A for effort.


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