Ellen: Awkward Kristin News Blooper Viral Video Star


Ellen: Local News Bloopers

Who doesn’t love a hilarious blooper from the local news? Ellen DeGeneres highlighted some of her favorites in her Local Focal segment.

Ellen: International News Blooper

In a clip from an international newscast, a sports reporter’s tennis recap was interrupted by a staff member, who stood directly in front of the anchor desk to deliver a new script.


Ellen: Awkward Kristin News Blooper

Ellen talked with Kristin Giannas, accidental star of the viral video Awkward Kristin.

The anchor paused, then said, “On air,” in English. It’s weird that this would be universal in every language.

Lincoln, NE News Blooper

From a newscast in Lincoln, Nebraska, Ellen featured a weather blooper. An intern or student was surprised to find himself in the shot during the meteorologist’s weather report, so he slowly scooted out of the frame.


Ellen: University of Florida News Blooper

Something similar happened in another blooper Ellen featured. In the background of a news report, a student found herself on air, in the live shot. She tried to duck and hide behind the anchor, and when that didn’t work, she crouched on the floor, out of the shot.

Click here to watch the University of Florida Awkward Kristin Blooper on YouTube.

Awkward Kristin News Blooper

Ellen welcomed the student from the video, Kristin Giannas. Ellen asked her how this came about.

Kristin explained that this happened four years ago, while she was working on an editing project. She had walked to get something from the printer and looked up to see a bright light. That’s when she realized that she was in the background of a news broadcast.

She said the camera operator was waving her out of the shot, and she couldn’t figure out what to do. “All I was thinking was, ‘Kristin, you need to get out of here,’” she explained. That’s when she decided to get on the floor.

Awkward Kristin Viral Video

Ellen asked Kristin how this four-year-old clip resurfaced. Kristin said a friend of hers put it on YouTube last year, and she thought that it had peaked in popularity back then.

She said that she was at her job last week when her coworker informed her that the video had gone viral. Now Kristin works as a reporter at a news station.

Ellen: Kristin Giannas Vacation

Ellen surprised Kristin with a vacation to the Hyatt Regency in Curacao. She even made reporter Kristin read about her vacation prize from the teleprompter, which she did very well.

I guess this is a better outcome for viral video victims than being mocked on Tosh.0, so good for Kristin.


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