Ellen: Aubrey Plaza Awkward Interview & JCPenney Helps Military Mom


Ellen: Andy At the Pub

The only thing Andy loves more than short shorts is a good beer. When Ellen was in Australia, she sent Andy to a pub to film a quiz show, drink and give some smart Aussies money.

Ellen: Andy Zenor’s Pub Quiz

Australians are really smart and it’s a good thing Andy loves beer. He ended up drinking for any answer. Here are a few of the questions Andy asked during his night at the bar. He was a very, very drunk man in very short shorts.

  • Sing the Ellen theme song 
  • Whose face is on the American $5 bill?
  • Who helped Dorothy get to the Emerald City?

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Ellen: Aubrey Plaza Awkward Interview & JCPenney Helps Military Mom

Aubrey Plaza couldn’t have been more awkward on Ellen. She blamed little sleep, being cold and sitting in front of Ellen. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Aubrey Plaza

Row on over there, April Ludgate. Aubrey decided to make up her own dance moves on her way out, which was her first mistake. After Ellen poked a little fun at her row boat dancing, Aubrey clammed up.


Aubrey is from Wilmington, Delaware. It will now be known as home to the most awkward actress ever, Aubrey Plaza. She seemed like she was afraid of Ellen. Aubrey said she was cold, but she hasn’t had much sleep and was very awkward. She seemed so uncomfortable to be sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen: Parks and Recreation

Aubrey joked that it’s so hard working with Amy Poehler. I can only imagine. The whole cast of Parks And Recreation is so amazing and Aubrey really came into her own on the show. After she was in the first few episodes as intern April, the writers decided to shape a role just for her.

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Ellen: Helping Out a Military Wife

Ellen really enjoys when her fans dance during commercial breaks. She pulled one of them, Emily, on stage with her. She was much more comfortable than Aubrey Plaza. Once on stage, she found out that her sister wrote in about her situation.

Emily’s husband is serving his second term in Afghanistan. The first time they met he was receiving his purple heart and he didn’t have any family in the area. Emily offered to go with him after they had been talking on Skype and Facebook. She was really excited to talk about him and said it’s hard to say goodbye. They are expecting their first baby, a boy, on July 4. They are the ultimate patriotic family.

Ellen: Help From JCPenney

Emily said that her husband won’t be back for the birth of their baby. Ellen wanted to help, so she told JCPenney about Emily and her husband. They donated $10,000 to help with medical expenses and things for the baby. Ellen also invited her back for her mother’s day show.

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