Ellen: Ashton Kutcher ‘Two and a Half Men’ Preview Season 9


Ellen: Ashton Kutcher Secret Two and a Half Men Details

Ellen asked Ashton Kutcher about the new season of Two and a Half Men, but Ashton wouldn’t tell her much.

“It’s very hush-hush, what’s going on,” he told her.


Ellen asked why everyone is going to such great lengths to keep the new season a secret.

Ashton Kutcher Two and a Half Men: Ellen

Ashton Kutcher revealed that his character on Two and a Half Men is a wealthy investor named Walden. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

“I think that there’s a lot of interest in what’s going to happen,” Ashton said. “In a day and age where everything is shared all over the place all of the time, I think sometimes it’s really good to keep things a secret.”


Despite that Ashton kept his lips sealed about most of the details, he did share a few things.

“I can say that I’m playing an original character,” he said. “I’m not playing Charlie.”

By Charlie, he was referring to the character that former star cast member Charlie Sheen played.

Further elaborating on his character, Ashton said that that he is a very wealthy investor.

Ellen: Ashton Kutcher Two and a Half Men Preview

Despite that the show has been so secretive about it’s latest season, Ashton said he brought a brief preview clip for Ellen and her audience. He said it was a really big deal.

“This is going to be really revealing,” he said. “It’s the pinnacle of the first episode.”

The video showed Ashton standing naked in front of a refrigerator. He turned around and said to a character who was just off-camera, “Oh hey. I’m Walden.” Then he reached out to shake that character’s hand.

Ellen: Ashton Kutcher ‘Going With The Nude Thing’

The Two and a Half Men preview that Ashton shared with Ellen was especially funny, because he had been nude earlier on Ellen. Ashton said that he’s pretty fond of being nude as of late.

“I’m pretty much going with the nude thing,” he said. “It feels so nice and breezy.”

He jokingly said that he wants to try to be nude onscreen as much as possible.

“I can’t be nude in my house because my stepdaughters are there,” he explained.


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