Ellen: Anthony Carbajal & Celebrities At iHeartRadio Music Festival


Ellen TV: Anthony Carbajal iHeartRadio Music Festival

Ellen DeGeneres explained that her guest, Anthony Carbajal, is battling ALS at just 27 years old. Ellen sent him to iHeartRadio Music Festival where he got to talk to all kinds of superstars. He joined Ellen on stage to talk about his experience.

He said it was an incredible experience and the person that stood out the most was Chris Martin from Coldplay. He explained that he loves their music already and he’s “so genuine” and he has a “man crush on him.”


Ellen: Anthony Carbajal & Chris Martin, Ryan Seacrest & Taylor Swift

Ellen: Anthony Carbajal & Celebrities At iHeartRadio Music Festival

Ellen sent Anthony Carbajal who is currently suffering from ALS, to talk to celebrities at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. He was on the show to share his experience. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen then shared the taped piece of Anthony at the festival. The clip showed him speaking to Chris Martin and he told him how he was battling ALS. He then asked Chris about the charity that he does, and Chris said he was there for Anthony and didn’t need to plug anything except for his new line of hair care products. No wonder Anthony liked him so much! How sweet!

Anthony also sat down with Ryan Seacrest, and they both put on Ellen sunglasses. When Anthony chatted with drummer Tommy Lee, he told Anthony that he watches Ellen all the time and said that Anthony’s story was incredible.


Anthony also got to talk to Taylor Swift, who said that she saw his video and thought it was “so touching.” She also said “I really respect it when people just tell it like it is. There was no facade. I get so emotional when I think about it.” Taylor even said it was an honor to meet Anthony. Wow!

Ellen TV: Anthony Carbajal Taking Shots With Usher

When Anthony sat down with Usher, he said he was down for whatever. Anthony told him to roll some dice and then whatever it lands on, that’s how many shots he has to do. “Why didn’t you tell me this before I said I would do it,” Usher joked.

He rolled the dice and got a three. Anthony and Usher then did three shots.

Ellen: Celebrity Autographed Rock Auction For ALS Research

Anthony also got to chat with Bastille, and explained to them that Ellen sent him with one of her rocks from her backyard in order to get signatures on it. They were going to auction the rock off for ALS research. Bastille, Alicia Keys, Weezer, Pete Wentz, and Chris Martin all signed it.

Anthony asked Chris Martin what some of the weirdest things he’s ever signed were and he said he’s signed just about everything, including children, new cars, and people’s “particulars.”

Liam Payne from One Direction, Fergie, and 50 Cent also signed the rock. Anthony even got to take selfies with 50 Cent and Hilary Duff.

Ellen TV: Anthony Carbajal Celebrity Selfies

That’s not all the stars that Anthony got to talk to! He also sat down with Meghan Trainor and Macklemore, who called Ellen his “long lost friend.”

At the end of the clip, Anthony got a big hug from Chris Martin.

Ellen showed the rock that everyone signed and said she was going to sign it as well. If you’re interested in trying to purchase the rock, visit her website.

Before Anthony had to go, Ellen surprised him with a frame filled with all the selfies he took while at the music festival.


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