Ellen Announcer Paul Bartholomew in Paul The Male Matchmaker

Ellen Meets Her Announcer Paul Bartholomew

How often do you think about the voices behind your favorite shows? When you tune into the Ellen Show, you hear that friendly male voice kicking off each show, but you don’t know his name and have probably never seen his face.

That all changed today when Ellen DeGeneres invited her announcer, Paul Bartholomew, to sit down with her as a guest. It’s pretty cool of her to highlight a side project of someone on her staff, and also help viewers connect the voice with a face.

Ellen: Announcer Paul Bartholomew

Ellen Announcer Paul Bartholomew

Ellen introduced her announcer, Paul Bartholomew, putting a face with the voice.

He said it’s intimidating to follow Sophia Grace and Rosie, but he seemed at ease for someone who’s typically behind the scenes. Ellen noted that Paul has introduced her on the talk show more than 1,000 times, which means he’s been with the show for years.

She also highlighted some of his commercials and TV guest appearances. But now he is taking center stage in a new project for the online video service Hulu.

Ellen: Paul The Male Matchmaker on Hulu

Paul’s new web video series is called Paul The Male Matchmaker. He co-created it with Liz Tuccillo of She’s Just Not That Into You.

In the fictional series, a guy named Paul inherits his aunt’s matchmaking business, but soon discovers he is terrible with women. He gives clients awful advice, and Ellen said she thought the show was funny without being mean.

“There’s something likeable, I hope,” Paul said about the character. He shared a clip featuring Lisa Edelstein, from shows like House.

You can watch episodes of Paul The Male Matchmaker on Hulu.

Ellen: Grammy Panties Audience Game

To close out today’s show, Ellen had two audience members compete to win tickets to the Grammy Awards. Cassandra and Paige faced off for this exciting prize.

The actual Grammy Panties are gigantic panties. Each woman put on the giant panties over their clothes, and each had a kiddie pool filled with inflated balls. They competed furiously to see who could fill their panties with balls the fastest.

It was a super close finish, and though only one woman won tickets to the Grammys, they both received new 32” Toshiba TVs.

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