Ellen: Amy Poehler “Parks and Recreation” & Karaoke Roulette


Amy Poehler: Parks and Recreation Emmy Nominations

Amy Poehler is a hilarious actress and comedienne who has been making us laugh since her seven-year run on Saturday Night Live. Since that time, Amy has starred in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation and has become mom to two little boys. When she joined Ellen today, Amy discussed her kids, her hit television show, and played her one of her favorite games (hint: it involves a microphone).
For her hilarious role as local politician Leslie Knope, Amy is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Actress at the upcoming 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards. Amy is also nominated in the writing category, because she wrote a few episodes this season.

Ellen: Amy Poehler "Parks and Recreation" & Karaoke Roulette

Actress Amy Poehler discussed “Parks and Recreation” and played Karaoke Roulette with Ellen (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

At last year’s Emmy Awards, the Comedy Actress nominees pulled a hilarious stunt where each actress ran up to the stage as their name was called, beauty pageant-style! It was a collective idea that Amy organized, and it really brought down the house; but unfortunately, Amy said that they don’t have anything planned for this year. But what about the Comedy Actors? Ellen and Amy both challenged the guys to do something. Tune in to the Emmy’s on Sunday, September 23 to see if they accepted!


Amy Poehler: Sons Archie and Abel

Amy’s sons, Archie, almost four, and Abel, two, are a couple of very rambunctious boys. Amy said they love to play like bear cubs, rolling around and getting dirty. However, when they leave each other to go to separate classrooms in school, they hug and kiss as if they won’t see each other for days. So cute!

Amy has noticed the differences between girls and boys through some of her friends’ daughters. When little girls come over for playdates, they are polite, well-mannered, and play quietly; meanwhile, her sons like to play by “making dirt soup.”

“There’s a lot of peeing everywhere,” Amy said of having two little boys in the house.


Amy Poehler: Strict Parent

Amy said that she is a strict parent because she’s big on manners. She believes in a good old fashioned “time out” as punishment. She also thinks that parents give their kids way too many choices. Her sons think that there are only two types of ice cream in the world!

Amy Poehler: Singing With The Foo Fighters

This summer, Amy got the chance to meet the Foo Fighters when they performed on Saturday Night Live. However, she got the surprise of her life when the band invited her up on stage to sing “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. Amy was excited, however, she doesn’t know the words to that song! She just tried to “sell it with attitude.”

Amy Poehler: Karaoke Roulette

Since Amy loves karaoke, she and Ellen played a game called Karaoke Roulette. Instead of choosing a song to sing, you don’t know what to sing until you hear the music start. Amy ended up getting “Bad Romance” and made up most of the lyrics. Ellen had “Eye of the Tiger” and really had no clue what any of the lyrics were. “I hope no one’s just tuning in,” she said in the middle of her performance.

The season premiere of Parks and Recreation airs Thursday, September 20 2012, so don’t miss the always funny Amy Poehler.


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