Ellen: Amanda Peet & David Walton in ‘Bent’ NBC Comedy


Ellen: Amanda Peet & David Walton

Ellen DeGeneres chatted with Amanda Peet from the NBC series Bent and surprised her with a visit from her co-star. Amanda and Ellen also did Bad Irish Accents, but Ellen said she heard Amanda can actually do a good one.

“I can only do it as Minnie Driver in Circle of Friends,” she explained before launching into some sample dialogue. Ellen pointed out that her accent was actually Scottish.


Ellen: David Walton Bent

David Walton and Amanda Peet star in NBC's new comedy series Bent, premiering March 21 2012. (Featureflash/Shutterstock.com)

David Walton’s attempt at an Irish accent was not any better, and the ladies questioned why he made a serial killer face while speaking in the accent.

Bent: David Walton & Amanda Peet

Ellen finally got around to discussing the actors’ new project, the forthcoming NBC comedy series Bent. It will premiere Wednesday March 21 2012 on NBC.


In the new series, Amanda Peet’s character is a divorced, “Type A lawyer, whose ex-husband is in jail for securities fraud,” she said. Her character is a single mom dating a doctor and trying to get by.

David Walton’s character is her contractor, a bad boy who smokes pot and rides a motorcycle. She can’t help but be attracted to him.

Ellen: Bent Bad Boy David Walton

“It’s basically your classic adult film setup,” David said. “Newly divorced mom needs her kitchen redone. I come in to do the pipes.”

While the audience seemed to accept this assessment, it occurred to Amanda that her young daughter was watching from backstage.

Ellen: Bent Amanda Peet Practical Joke

Ellen asked what viewers can expect from the couple’s on-screen relationship in Bent, wondering if anything has happened between them or if the audience will just be rooting for them to get together.

Amanda’s character is fighting her attraction to David’s character, who he says is “pretty much attracted to everything,” especially her character’s strength and intelligence.

Just as David was stumping for us all to watch the show, a man dressed as a leprechaun snuck up and terrified Amanda Peet and David Walton. It is nice that Ellen goes out of her way to show us a different side of celebrities, usually by attempting to scare them to death.


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