Ellen: Allison Janney’s 10th Anniversary Present For Ellen


Ellen: Allison Janney Interview

Ellen: Allison Janney's 10th Anniversary Present For Ellen

Allison Janney talked about the dogs she rescued and gave Ellen a 10th anniversary present. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen’s next guest has been on the show 14 times over the first nine seasons and is making her first appearance on this tenth season. During her past appearances, they have played ping pong, jousted, bowled and arm wrestled. During the arm wrestling, Allison accidentally punched Ellen in the face. Allison said there is nothing funnier than punching you in the face.


Allison Janney: 10th Anniversary Present

For the 10th season, she brought her a tin of vegan cookies, because aluminum is the traditional gift for the 10th wedding anniversary. Allison has three dogs which she rescued and they are huge. She said she is pretty much the laughing stock of the neighborhood when she walks them in the morning.

Her dog Dutch barks at everything, but now she found the cure. She filled a can with rocks and shakes it and he stops. Allison said the barking is the most annoying thing that he does and Ellen said she is lucky if that is the most annoying thing.

Allison Janney: London Olympics 2012

Allison Janney watched the London Olympics 2012 and enjoyed them. Allison said when you watch the track and field, you don’t get an idea of actually how good these people are. They all run around the track and she said they make it look so easy. She said if there was a Lane 11 and it was a normal person running against them, so they could show just how fast they really are. Ellen said I think we all know how fast they are.


As a surprise to Allison Janney, Ellen has decided to have her head outside and she will run against Carmelita Jeter, the second fastest woman in the world and a gold medal winner at the London Olympics 2012. Allsion said, “We are actually going to do Lane 11? I love it!”


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