Ellen: Alison Sweeney “The Star Attraction” & “Heads Up” App Review


Alison Sweeney: Mom Of Two & In Shape

Ellen: Alison Sweeney "The Star Attraction" & "Heads Up" App Review

Alison Sweeney was promoting her new book The Star Attraction and got a horrible scare from Ellen’s staff. They played Ellen’s new app, “Heads Up.” (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

After two kids, it’s crazy that Alison Sweeney looks so amazing in a bikini on the cover of Shape magazine. She said she has a good mental attitude about food and works toward being healthy. She has since run a triathlon and marathon. She wants to climb Mount Whitney, which would take about a day.


Alison Sweeney Scared Of Bugs & Ultimate Scare

The hardest part is getting used to the altitude. She wants to go slowly and get used to it so that she doesn’t have to camp. Alison Sweeney said that she hates bugs and really hates sleeping in nature. Ellen bought Alison camping equipment, with Ellen’s face on it.

Sweeney got a special bug hat to protect her from almost any kind of bug. It won’t stop bugs from scaring you though. Ellen scared Alison so badly that she screamed three times in a row. Ellen said she had won the Best Scream Award.


Alison Sweeney: The Star Attraction Book Review

Alison Sweeney wrote her first novel a few years ago and it’s just now getting published. She said that being an actor on Days of Our Lives was challenging at times because she didn’t have rule of the story line. She wanted to tell a story on her own and that’s what became The Star Attraction.

Ellen: “Heads Up” App Review

You can now download Ellen’s Celebrity Game. It’s called “Heads Up” and you have a bunch of categories to choose from. The cool part about the app is that it will record you while you are guessing, so if something hilarious happens you have it on tape.

Ellen and Alison Sweeney played the app to show just how cool it is. Once you guess, you flip the device forward to get the new card. If you can’t guess you flip it backwards to pass. It’s a fun game that I think everyone could enjoy.


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