Ellen: Alison Sweeney LA Marathon, Shape Magazine & Bell Peppers


Ellen: Alison Sweeney Shape Magazine

In daytime, she goes by Sammy on the long running soap opera Days of Our Lives. By night, she is host of The Biggest Loser, NBC’s long running weight loss reality show.

Today Alison Sweeney sat down to catch up with Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen said she saw Alison’s bikini beach body on the cover of Shape Magazine, and she wondered how she got in shape for the photo shoot.


Ellen: Alison Sweeney

Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney told Ellen how the talk show host motivated her to finish the LA Marathon. (Image Credit: Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Alison Sweeney Bell Peppers Snack

“I try to eat pretty healthy anyway, but I did find myself not drinking,” she said. “Obviously alcohol is totally wasted calories.”

Alison said she had to travel to New York to do the shoot, so she got in the habit of snacking on bell peppers. They are low in calories and contain Vitamin C, but people seem to think that this is a weird snack.


I guess you have to worry about their aroma though. She said she took them on the plane with her before the shoot and they made the entire cabin smell like bell peppers.

Ellen: Alison Sweeney LA Marathon

Alison also recently completed the LA Marathon, which is of course 26.2 miles, and she spent a lot of time training to get in shape. During her last Ellen appearance, she was averaging 8-10 miles a few days a week to build up her endurance.

“Then the actual day of the marathon comes, and you’re totally pumped,” Alison said. “You’re cruising. I ran 21 miles, no problem.”

She praised the 6,000 volunteers on the sidelines who were cheering everyone on and supporting the runners. But Alison said by mile 22 she fell apart and even started crying. She ended up falling into a trot.

But then she remembered Ellen teasing her a few months ago about training for the marathon. She knew she’d be coming back on the show, and that she couldn’t bring herself to admit that she didn’t finish the race. That’s what motivated her to keep going and ultimately cross the finish line.

Wasn’t it Ellen who recently said, “My haters are my motivators”? It’s nice to see that Ellen can motivate people too, even if it’s not necessarily in the gentlest way.


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