Ellen: Al Gore Meatless Mondays & The Future Book Review


Ellen: Al Gore “The Future”

Former Vice President Al Gore is an environmental warrior. His documentary An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar and got people to think about global warming. His new book, The Future: Six Drivers Of Global Change, talks about the new factors that are affecting our environment.

Ellen: The Future Review

Ellen: Al Gore Meatless Mondays & The Future Book Review

Ellen talked to Al Gore about ways to help the environment and his new book “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.” (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


This book talks about how the future of global change is unfolding a lot faster than we thought it would. Things like the world’s power relationships, growth trajectories and how they affect water sources, the genetics revolution, the computer revolution and the global economy are colliding and changing the environment in new ways. All of these things are putting stress on the environment and interacting to create change we need to be aware of.

Gore said the book identifies changes we need to make for the world. Ellen said there was a strange rumor going around the scientists want to put sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to block the sun. Gore said that’s dangerous because we rely on sunlight for plants and health. He said that by doing small changes in our lives we can change the environment in simple ways.

Ellen: Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth 

He wants The Future to be a wake up call similar to An Inconvenient TruthHe wants people to speak up and let elected officials know their concerns. He thinks this is the best way to create change. Ellen thinks the problem is that high up officials are not letting people know how bad the environmental problems are.


Ellen: Al Gore Meatless Mondays

Gore said that people should speak up about their concerns. He said the internet is a great place for this. He also said that making small changes and using renewable energy if you can will help.

Ellen said that she is vegan not only because she loves animals but it is better for the environment. Gore agreed with her. Sir Paul McCartney started doing Meatless Mondays and not eating any meat one day a week. Gore said this is good for you and the world.


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