Ellen Adam Sandler, Chris Rock Stand-Up Comedy & Maya Rudolph Pregnant


Ellen: Cast Of Grown Ups 2

All hail the kings of comedy. Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James and Adam Sandler came to Ellen to talk about the hilarious sequel to their film Grown Ups

Ellen Adam Sandler, Chris Rock Stand-Up Comedy & Maya Rudolph Pregnant

Ring leader of this comedy troop, Adam Sandler, wrote Grown Ups 2. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Grown Ups 1 & 2

Spade said it was a great time doing both films. Their ring leader, Sandler, organized the first sequel he’s ever done. They shot the films in Massachusetts and said their thoughts are with the people of Boston.

They said that the first film was such a great experience that they really wanted to do it again.

Ellen: Stand-Up Comedy

Sandler and Rock met “when white men were Presidents,” Rock said. They used to do stand-up and then moved on to Saturday Night LiveThey said that Spade was the first one to get a movie, Police Academy 4Spade wanted to stay away from dates of when they met.


They all still do stand-up and Rock recently opened up for Sandler. He wants to tour at the end of 2013 so he’s breaking in new material. They told Ellen she needs to get back on stage. Ellen said the show is her own stand-up.

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Ellen: Salma Hayek & Maya Rudolph

The women of Grown Ups 2 are just as funny as the men. Salma Hayek plays Adam Sandler’s fashionista wife and Maya Rudolph is Chris Rock’s wife.

Maya is pregnant with her fourth child. She called her family “a modern day Waltons.” She told Salma last summer that she was done at three kids. We see how well that worked out.

Up until this point, James and Spade were sitting on chairs behind the four other castmates. James decided to flop on the floor and Spade followed him over his castmates. Then James was leaning on Sandler and Spade was under Ellen’s feet. It was the first Ellen dog pile.

Ellen: Breaking the Scene

Sandler wrote Grown Ups 2 and he lets people go off script when they feel like it. The cast said that Sandler is the one that is always laughing, even off camera.

“I just can’t believe you’re saying what I wrote,” Sandler laughed.

Rock said he goes off the script the most. He starts the conversation before the camera is rolling and then continues going. Maya said they have a lot of convos about current events.

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