Ellen: Adam Carolla Celebrity Apprentice & 5-Year-Old Twins


Ellen: Adam Carolla Celebrity Apprentice

From The Man Show to Loveline to Donald Trump’s boardroom, comedian Adam Carolla’s career has intersected with the TV world many times. Most recently, he was let go from NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, when Donald Trump made the decision to fire him during the March 11 2012 episode.

Adam Carolla Twins

Ellen: Adam Carolla Celebrity Apprentice

Adam Carolla talked to Ellen about his challenges as the father of five-year-old twins & why he misses simpler times. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Adam told Ellen about his five-year-old twins, Natalia & Santino. He said the boy is much easier to entertain. But his daughter constantly demands attention, as opposed to his son, who prefers to play with his toys.

Adam works nights, and his children come to his bedroom to kiss him goodbye before heading to school each morning. He explained their differing styles to Ellen.

“He comes right in and kisses me right on the lips while I’m sleeping,” he said. “She kisses her hand and slaps me in the face with it. Let’s hope that carries into her dating years.”


Adam Carolla: Can You Change Kids Personalities

He said that they’ve had these fixed, different personalities since birth. Despite books and products that claim otherwise, he doesn’t believe he can do anything to change his kids’ personalities.

Adam even used Ellen as an example. “They are who they are,” he said. “You’re always who you were, I’m guessing,” he said. “You’re a richer version of who you were when you were in high school.”

Ellen: Adam Carolla Boy Vs Girl

Ellen asked if Adam treats his twins differently at all. “Are they spoiled?” she asked. “It seems like you’re not as hard on him, ‘cause you love him more.”

He had a great strategy: “I tell them that I love one of them more,” he said, “but I don’t say which one, and that’s what makes me a great parent.”

Ellen: Adam Carolla & Spoiled Kids

Adam said he thinks kids today are spoiled. His daughter recently had a charming moment during taco night, when she accidentally bit into a jalapeno during the family’s taco dinner.

Ellen: Adam Carolla Hose Flavored Bottled Water

As she panicked about the intensity of the spice and heat, her nanny grabbed her some filtered water. Adam recalled that he drank water from the hose as a kid, and recommended that someone create hose flavored bottled water for adults who remember doing that back in the day.


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