Ellen: 8-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Harmony Zhu Performance


Ellen: Harmony Zhu Performance

At just 8 years old, Harmony Zhu has already performed on piano at Carnegie Hall, been named a world champion in chess, and started writing her own book.

Ellen: 8-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Harmony Zhu Performance

Ellen welcomed 8-year-old piano and chess prodigy Harmony Zhu to perform on piano and talk about her many incredible talents. (Mny-Jhee / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen had her perform before her interview, where Harmony Zhu played some amazing piano music. The sounds I was hearing were so impressive, especially considering that Harmony Zhu looked so adorable while playing a dark and stormy-sounding song. She wore a frilly, poofy white dress and a big white silk flower in her hair. And her piano playing was absolutely incredible. She got a huge standing ovation after she was finished playing from the audience.

Ellen TV: Piano Prodigy Harmony Zhu

Ellen has a lot of adorable kids on her show and has become somewhat famous for it. But I venture to say Harmony Zhu might’ve been the most adorable one and possibly the most talented. 

Harmony said she started playing piano when she was three years old. Harmony noted that her being a piano prodigy and her name being Harmony was a “completely huge coincidence.” Harmony has a Chinese name and her mother chose her another name when she was young. The last letter of her Chinese name means “peaceful and harmonious.” So when her mom saw the English name Harmony, she thought it was perfect.


Ellen: Harmony Zhu Chess Playing

Besides playing piano, Harmony was a world champion chess player. She plays against adults. Harmony said the funny thing about playing with adults is that they have a lot of funny expressions they do unconsciously because they’re way too focused on their next move. Harmony demonstrated some of the goofy expressions she’s seen, which was hilarious.

Ellen TV: Harmony Zhu Gift

She’s also writing a book about the United Arab Emirates, because she went there when she played a world chess championship there. She said it was really fun in the United Arab Emirates.

Ellen gave Harmony a gift so she could do all three at once. The gift was a table that let her do all three at once. She could flip the three-sided table around. One side had a chess board, another had a writing desk, and another had a keyboard. Harmony said she thought it was really cool and immediately gave Ellen a big hug.


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