Ellen: 14-Year-Old Hero Marcos Ugarte


Marcos Ugarte Rescues Neighbor From Burning House

Ellen: 14-Year-Old Hero Marcos Ugarte Rescues Neighbor

Oregon teen and Ducks fan Marcos Ugarte shared his heroic rescue story with Ellen. (Marie Appert / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen invited a very brave young man from Oregon onto her show in order to share his extraordinary story. Marcos Ugarte is just fourteen years old, so he was understandably very nervous to be making his television debut on the Ellen show. Ellen, however, told him to relax. “This is easier than heading into a burning building!” she said, because that’s exactly what Marcos did!


Marcos, a football player on his high school team, was driving home from practice with his dad when he saw an odd glow emanating from his neighbor’s house. At first he thought it was just the sun setting, but he quickly realized that the house was actually on fire.

Marcos noticed his neighbors running out of the house, coughing, their bodies covered in soot. However, their eight-year-old son was missing, and his father was able to communicate to Marcos that his son was still trapped inside. Marcos’ father decided to attempt a rescue inside the house, but the boy, Cody had locked himself inside and the door was stuck.

That’s when Marcos had the idea to rescue Cody using a ladder. Marcos climbed into Cody’s bedroom window using the ladder, grabbed him, and was able to safely climb back down while holding onto the young boy. Marcos’s parents are both incredibly proud of their son, and Marcos said that the ordeal made him realize that he may want to become a firefighter one day.


Marcos Ugarte: Oregon Ducks Fan

Being a football player from Oregon, Marcos is naturally a big fan of the Oregon Ducks. Because Marcos showed so much courage, Ellen presented him with two tickets and a VIP package to one of Oregon’s upcoming games. Plus, Shutterfly gave Marcos a jump start on his savings for college with a check for $10,000.


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