Ellen: 12-Year-Old Skateboarder Tom Scharr’s 1080 Spin


Ellen: Skateboarding 1080

In Skateboarding, one of the most elusive and respected tricks is called the 1080, a triple 360 flip in the air. Professionals like Tony Hawk and Shaun White haven’t been able to do it, but a 12-year-old from California has now done it.

Ellen DeGeneres invited the young skateboarder, Tom Scharr, to talk with her about his amazing accomplishment. “It’s three aerial revolutions, three times around in the air,” Tom explained. He’d gotten up to 2 ½ rotations in the past. This time out, he accomplished the 1080 on his fifth attempt.


Check out a video of Tom Scharr’s 1080 Spin.

Ellen: Tom Scharr 1080

Talented 12-year-old skateboarder Tom Scharr told Ellen about his 1080 spin accomplishment.

What happened all the other times when he didn’t quite make the landing? Tom said that there are a lot of falls and Ellen showed some videos of his failed attempts. I never did skateboarding, in part because I don’t think I could put my body through all the pain and damage involved in getting good at it.

Ellen: Tom Scharr Skateboarding Vs Surfing

Tom said he’s been skateboarding since age 4, so he has eight years of experience. Ellen couldn’t believe his parents were OK with him doing this intense hobby at such a young age. He admitted he was pretty fearless as a child, and skateboarding actually helped him get over his fear of heights.


Even Tom’s older brother, who is 15, is jealous of his success. His older brother has moved on to surfing, but Tom said he hasn’t taken that up yet because he doesn’t like cold water. Ellen said that and sharks are what keep her out of the water, though avid surfers say the sport is addictive.

“My brother’s told me water’s softer than ramps,” Tom said. “I don’t really listen to him.”

Ellen: Tom Scharr Skateboarding & Fear

Ellen asked about what it’s like to know you’re going to fall, and whether he ever fears falling on the far side of the ramp. He said that sometimes it does look chancy, and that’s when he’ll try to cartoonishly flail and swim through the air so he’ll at least land on the skateboarding ramp. Tom said he tries not to think about what happens when people overshoot the ramp.

To help Tom pursue his skateboarding goals, Ellen presented him with a skateboarding helmet, shirt, and knee pads, all of which featured her face. She sent Tom to a ramp set up outside the studio.

Ellen: Tom Scharr Skateboarding Tricks

Through the magic of TV editing, Tom was outside and ready to go instantly. DJ Tony played some music for him as he jumped ramps and did flips, maintaining great control throughout his routine.

“This is an exhausting sport,” Ellen said as she watched Tom’s antics. She kept making up Skateboarding Tricks (or maybe they’re real; it’s hard to tell). This kid is very talented, and it’s much more fun to watch other people show off their skating prowess from the safety of your couch than to attempt it yourself.


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