Ellen 12 Days: Woman Loses Three-Year-Old Son & Baby Boy Bakery Review


Ellen TV: Woman Loses Three Year Old Son

Ellen had a very special segment of her show when she called down Jacqui from the audience. Jacqui and her husband were invited to come down to the show for 12 Days because they’re going through a very tough time. Just seven months ago, they lost their three-year-old child.

Ellen surprised a woman who lost a three year old son seven months ago with tickets to the rest of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways. (Khomulo Anna / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen surprised a woman who lost a three-year-old son seven months ago with tickets to the rest of Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. (Khomulo Anna / Shutterstock.com)


Jacqui was completely shocked to be called down. Jacqui was first known to Ellen because she recognized Kevin, Ellen’s head writer, who often plays characters in skits. She saw him in a Crate & Barrel and she talked to him. She ended up telling him that she’d been going through a hard time and how she and her husband watch Ellen every day. Ellen said Jacqui didn’t tell him everything about what was going on. Ellen found out later what was going on.

Ellen: Baby Boy Bakery Review

Ellen said Jacqui was amazing and that she wrote a great blog about losing her son called Baby Boy Bakery. Ellen said she’d read a lot of the blog, which Jacqui was shocked to learn. Ellen said she couldn’t imagine what Jacqui and her husband had gone through and even started to cry a little bit during this segment. Jacqui started to cry, too.

Ellen said she got a letter from a number of people who knew Jacqui or her blog. Ellen said that even though what they lost was tremendous, she was helping a lot of people with her blog. Ellen said she was sending her love all the time.


Jacqui said she and her husband take it one day at a time and watch Ellen every day. She also said everyone is going through something and we’re all in it together. Jacqui said she was very grateful, even with her loss, for everything.

Ellen TV: Woman Who Lost Son Gets Tickets to 12 Days

Ellen said there are a lot of people who are being helped by Jacqui’s blog. Ellen said it’s a great loss to lose your child and with the holidays coming up, Ellen said there was no way for her to make up that loss. But what Ellen could do was give her three more tickets for Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways. Ellen said she wanted Jacqui to come back and sit in the audience and dance to be surrounded by the love in the room.

Jacqui’s blog is called Baby Boy Bakery and Ellen encouraged everyone to read it and support it.


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