Ellen: Cat Deeley’s Airplane Flight with the Monkey from The Hangover


Ellen Loves So You Think You Can Dance

Ellen was especially excited to have So You Think You Can Dance producer Cat Deeley on the show because the show will begin its ninth season this Thursday.  She spoke about everything from the royal wedding to Cat Deeley’s airplane flight with the monkey from The Hangover.

Ellen: Cat Deeley's Flight with the Monkey from The Hangover

Cat Deeley spoke with Ellen about her airplane flight with the monkey from The Hangover Part 2. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


“I can’t wait for it to start,” Ellen said. “I get very excited. I love the show very much.”

Cat said that the new season should be intriguing.

“There’s this new style of dance that you’re going to be all over,” she said. “I don’t know what they call it but it’s a mixture of breaking and animation.”


Cat Deeley: Flight with Monkey from The Hangover: Part II

Cat said she almost didn’t make it to the show because she was running late for her flight.

“We did a big old run for the airport,” she said.

When Cat got to the airport, there were flashing lights and she said got “excited thinking ‘who’s here?'” To her dismay, it wasn’t a celebrity–it was the monkey from The Hangover: Part II. Cat said the monkey flew in first class and “had a trainer guy with him.”

Ellen laughed at the irony of a monkey bringing a trainer instead of a trainer bringing a monkey.

“It’s a big deal monkey,” she joked. “He’s been in a lot of movies. I’m a big fan. I follow all of his work.”

Cat Deeley: Royal Wedding

Cat talked about how she covered the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton for CNN.

Cat jokingly asked Ellen why she wasn’t at the wedding, since she and Kate are cousins. It was funny because, although they are technically related, Ellen and Kate are only 15th cousins and thus have little or any real feeling of family connection.

“That was a busy week with a lot of things going on,” she said. “We’re so busy…you know…we need to catch up.”


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