3-Year-Old One-Armed Golf Prodigy + Surprise For Regis College Freshman


Ellen TV: 3-Year-Old One-Armed Golf Prodigy

Ellen DeGeneres met a golf prodigy who just happened to be three years old, with only one arm. Ellen welcomed Tommy Morrissey and his parents, Marcia and Joe.

Marcia and Joe both play golf and they noticed that when he was 13 months old, their son, who was born with just one arm, started taking notice and watching a lot of golf on TV. If they changed the channel, he would get very upset. When he was 18 months old, Tommy would stand in front of the TV and mimic what the golfers were doing.


Little Tommy shared how he saw a golf range outside and he saw Tommy the picture man swing at a golf ball.

Ellen: Tommy Morrissey Golf Prodigy

3-Year-Old One-Armed Golf Prodigy + Surprise For Regis College Freshman

Ellen talked with the 3-year-old one-armed golf prodigy and then surprised a freshman at Regis College. (Lucky Business / Shutterstock.com)

Joe shared that he took Tommy to the golfing range and was amazed to see the fundamentals of golf in his son. He said everything technically was there and was natural to him. Tommy shared that sleeps with golf clubs and he calls his little arm Nemo.


Ellen wanted to go outside and see if they could hit some golf balls over the roof. Tommy’s swing was just about perfect every time. Ellen said she knew that Tommy loved Nemo, so she got him his very own golf cart, decorated with Nemo on it.

Ellen TV: Cash At Your Dorm

Ellen then said that she didn’t graduate from college, but she knows that paying for books and tuition can be tough. She wanted to give one lucky student the chance to win thousands of dollars in a college edition of “Cash At Your Dorm.”

Ellen sent her receptionist Jeannie as well as Entertainment Tonight correspondent Rocsi Diaz to Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts. They were there to surprise a freshman named Meggan Thermitus, who is studying to be a physical therapist. She contacted Ellen in hopes for help to pay for school.

Ellen called her and asked her how her classes were going. She said they were going great and Ellen told her she wanted her to take a break and play a game with her. They then rushed into Meggan’s dorm where she was with two of her friends. Ellen explained that Rocsi was going to ask her some questions and for every question she got right, she got $1,000, and for every question she missed, she would lost $1,000.

Ellen: Surprise For Freshman At Regis College

Meggan was first asked who sang the song “Let’s Get Physical” and she correctly answered Olivia Newton-John. Meggan then had to say something in a Boston accent. She said, “I’m from Boston” for $2,000.

Meggan then had to say what E.T. Extra Terrestrial‘s catch phrase was. She correctly answered “E.T. phone home!”

Meggan had to say how tall Jeannie was, hair included, within 5 inches, and she was right in saying 5’8″. The last question was “Who was Regis Philbin‘s Cohost on Live with Regis and BLANK?” The correct answer was Kelly! That gave Meggan $6,000!

Ellen said she had one more question and if she got it right, Ellen had a bunch of gifts for her. Ellen said there’s a new segment on the show called “Who’s In My Bushes” and before Ellen could finish the question, Meggan already answered that Usher came out. For getting the last question right, Meggan got a 50″ TV, $1,500 Target gift card, and $1,000 TicketMaster gift card.


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