Ellen: Sorry Spin All-Stars & Free Samsung TV Giveaway


Ellen: ‘Sorry Spin’ All-Stars

Ellen began Monday’s show with an uproarious game of ‘Sorry Spin’ All-Stars!.  To compete in the game, she invited back two audience members who had participated in previous games of Sorry Spin All-Stars.

Ellen: Sorry Spin Contestants

Ellen: Sorry Spin All-Stars

Ellen: Sorry Spin All-Stars


The first contestant was Danielle, who previously played a parody of Wheel of Fortune. In the clip they showed from that game, Danielle had to haphazardly throw CoverGirlmakeup all over her face and then she had to endure mashed avocados being dumped all over her hair. She seemed to be a really good sport and to be enthusiastic about participating in the game.

The second contestant was Emily, who previously played a bizarre game in which contestants were hung from ropes and then asked trivia questions. The clip they showed from that episode was especially funny. Ellen asked Emily to name five different types of trees and Emily choked under pressure.
“Fern…uh…Oak…uh…Palm…Uh…Christmas!” shouted Emily.

“You realize ‘Christmas’ is not a type of tree, right?” Ellen asked before she hit the button that released Emily‘s supports and she fell down onto the giant cushion.


How to Play Ellen’s Sorry Spin Game

Once both contestants came out, Ellen explained her creative twist on the classic board game, Sorry. Basically, the contestants had to start on one side of a small stage and jump across spinning discs to reach their pawns on the other side. Then they had to carry their pawns back to the starting position. The object of the game was to get all four pawns across the stage, without stepping on anything other than the spinning discs, in as little time as possible. As if that weren’t daunting enough, whichever contestant was observing got to shoot dodge balls at the contestant who was playing.

Let the Royal Rumpus Start…

The ensuing hysteria was hilarious.

Danielle struggled tremendously just to get across the spinning discs while Emily pummeled her with dodge balls. She fell numerous times and ultimately took 1 minute and 48 seconds to move all four pawns.

Ellen even commended Emily, saying “What a good shot you are!”

Emily completed the task much more easily than Danielle. She raced from one side of the stage to the other, grabbing pawn after pawn and remaining undaunted by the dodge balls that Danielle shot at her. She completed the task in a mere 32 seconds!

Ellen Free TV Giveaway

Ellen couldn’t believe how quickly Emily finished the game and said, “You’re like a professional ‘Sorry Spin’ player!”

Ellen said that no one had ever completed a game of ‘Sorry Spin All-Stars’ so quickly.

Both contestants were thanked for their participation and they were each rewarded with a 32″ Samsung TV.


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