Ellen’s Yo-Yo Tricks & Tea Time with Sophia Grace, Rosie & LL Cool J


Ellen DeGeneres: Staycation Vs Vacation

Ellen always feels good in the summer. The weather is fantastic. Everyone is in a good mood and the kids are out of school.

“Even when Clint Eastwood sees kids on his lawn and sprays them with a hose, they love it!”


Ellen said that a lot of people are doing staycations this year. It’s where the family stays home, does yard work, and relaxes instead of piling in the car for nine hours to go to a crowded beach.

“If you find chocolates on your pillow, that just means that your husband fell asleep eating M&Ms,” Ellen said that there are down sides to staycations.

Ellen's Yo-Yo Tricks & Tea Time with Sophia Grace, Rosie & LL Cool J

LL Cool J stopped by to have tea time with Sophia Grace and Rosie. They sipper tea and shared their special talents. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen Shows Off Yo-Yo Skills on National Yo-Yo Day

Ellen’s Yo-Yo caddy, Dave, brought out all of her Yo-Yos so that she could show off her skills on National Yo-Yo Day. Who knew that Ellen is a good Yo-Yoer? She can walk the dog and a move she calls “The Boomerang.”

Pen-Brella Review & Socks & Sandals Invention

Ellen stays up late and finds the strangest inventions on late night television. The latest of these is the Pen-Brella, an umbrella hidden inside a ball point pen.

“It really is the size of a ball point pen,” Ellen said as she pulled out eight of them. “If you’re the Hulk or something.”

You take the top off the pen and pull out the umbrella. The material is like tissue paper, Ellen said, and looks about the size of a plastic bag with the handles cut off. It worked much better as one of those fancy drink umbrellas.

A new invention that is just as useful as the Pen-Brella is Ellen’s “Scandal.” This is a sock and sandal in one.

Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie & LL Cool J

When LL Cool J stopped by on his way to the Grammys, he sat down with Sophia Grace and Rosie for tea. They enjoyed catching up about music and the lollipop necklaces that LL gave the girls on the red carpet. They enjoyed “the best tea” LL Cool J has ever had.

The girls asked LL who the coolest person he’s ever met is, and he said Michael Jackson. The girls said that he is their favorite celebrity they’ve ever met. LL showed off his juggling skills and Sophia Grace sang one of his songs.


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