Ellen’s Mirroring Challenge & Viggle $20,000 Contest Winner Xandrea


Ellen DeGeneres: Know or Go!

While you could run through a sprinkler to stay cool in the summer, you could also play Know or Go with Ellen! She had her contestants

Xandrea is the greatest Know or Go contestant in the history of the game. She convinced Ellen to give her another chance at a question, because she thought that Paris was its own country. Xandrea also squealed like a piglet and danced around on the spot. She lost on the question, “Sing ‘Summer Lovin’ from Grease.” She had no clue so she just started rambling and clapping. (See Xandrea’s comment at the end of this story.)


Ellen: Mirroring Challenge

Mirroring is when you stand by someone and copy what they are doing without them knowing. Ellen issues a challenge to her viewers to show her some top notch mirroring and this is what she got.



Ellen's Mirroring Challenge & Viggle $20,000 Contest Winner Xandrea

Ellen asked for more submissions to her mirroring challenge. Xandrea won Ellen’s $20,000 Viggle contest and learned where Paris, France is located.

People From Ohio Swear More

A study Ellen found said that people from Ohio swear more than people from any other state. As a born and raised Ohioan, I want to take offense to this, but feel like it could be true. I’m not sure though. It’s like when people say you go to the number one party school in the country and then you go to your friend’s college and it’s just as crazy on a Friday night.

Ellen put a hidden camera in her staffer from Ohio’s computer and found that she did swear a lot, or at least they had to censor bar her mouth on the regular.

Xandrea Wins Ellen’s Viggle Contest & $20,000

After her thrilling Know or Go contest, Xandrea got called down to get a surprise from Ellen. She got out a map and circled Paris, France so that Xandrea and her kids would know where France is.

Xandrea also entered Ellen DeGeneres’ Viggle contest and won $20,000. She is married mom of two who lives paycheck to paycheck. She was overwhelmed, to say the least.

Ellen Surprises Cancer Survivor & Family with Trip to Hawaii

Ellen called down Bonnie, a breast cancer survivor who was seeing the show with her two daughters. Bonnie was diagnosed during a regular mammogram and beat cancer with the help of her family. She told Ellen that her husband, Paul, was supposed to be at the show, but he never showed up. Paul and Bonnie live in separate cities in California because of their jobs. They rarely get to see each other. He sent in a video apologizing to Bonnie and his daughters, but then surprised them by walking out with flowers. He had been hanging out with Ellen for two days, telling everyone about Bonnie’s cancer. Paul started a blog for their family back in Boston to update them on Bonnie’s journey. She is now cancer-free, but Paul still operates a men’s support group in his town. Ellen gave Paul and Bonnie $5,000 and $10,000 in gas gift cards so they can visit each other. To further unite the family, Ellen gave them an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii.



  1. Xandrea says


    I knew the answer but I was very nervous …..anyway I had so much fun!
    One correction I am married it has been 11 wonderful years : ) We have 2 amazing children.

    Thank you ,

    Thank you,

    • says


      Congratulations on your big day at Ellen’s show! Thanks for the information; we have updated the story and I hope you and your family enjoy Ellen’s surprise. Was it as much fun as it looked?

  2. Marcie Ambrose (Xandy's Mom) says


    It was a BLAST. I couldn’t stop screaming. In fact, I’m still screaming. It was such a fun day.

  3. Chris Grams says

    Been watching your show. sent other comments-Ellen your a giver. Hope I win your $20,000, we sure could use it. Thank you for making me laugh.

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