Ellen: Whats in the Box Winner Won $5,000 & Justin Timberlake in a Box


Ellen: Whats In the Box? Game

Ellen decided to play a new game with her audience today. The game is called What’s in the Box? There are no rules to the game, which really isn’t a game at all. Ellen just picked people out of the audience and they chose a box from the ones on stage.

Ellen: Whats in the Box Winner Won $5,000 & Justin Timberlake in a Box

Ellen played a new game called Whats in the Box? with her audience. They won prices ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 and the last box had Justin Timberlake inside.
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Tina was the first person to go and she chose box number three. While it only looked like she won a pillow, which she was happy about, Ellen told her it was stuffed with $1,000.

The next woman was Roxanne who went with box number two. Behind the box was a guy in a chair but he also had a gift certificate to Target for $1,500. Vigerta was the next woman and she choose box number one and she won a TV.

The next woman to go was Danielle who chose box number three. She won an old school hairdryer that didn’t look like it worked but she didn’t care. Ellen felt bad so she let her try another box. This time she chose box number one and won $5,000 cash.


Justin Timberlake On Ellen

Ellen only had one more box to give away and no one had any idea what was in the huge box, so Ellen called on one audience member, Aleen, to make a decision for everyone. Either the woman got to take home a hundred dollars or she gave the hundred bucks back to Ellen and got to see what was in the box.

After a moment of deliberation the woman shushed the crowd and said she wanted to see what was in the box. For being so generous, Ellen let her keep the $100 and told everyone they were in for quite the surprise today.

“What is in that box is stylish, flashy, talented and looks really good in a suit and tie,” Ellen said.

After she said suit and tie, everyone erupted into screams because they knew it was Justin Timberlake in the box. I have never seen Ellen’s audience get that worked up. People were losing their minds as Justin danced through the aisles.

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