Ellen Underwear Model Commercial & Velda Does Vegas at NOBU Hotel


Ellen: Velda Does Vegas

A few weeks ago Ellen met Velda, a woman struggling financially while taking care of her elderly father. Ellen gave her $50,000 and a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.

On her way to Vegas, Velda said she was feeling S.O.S “stuck on stupid.” She was delivered to the front of the NOBU Hotel in Vegas where the staff was awaiting her arrival.


Ellen Underwear Model Commercial & Velda Does Vegas at NOBU Hotel

“Velda Does Vegas” was sassy and adorable. She paid it forward and had dinner with Ellen’s crew.

“No boo is what you say when you don’t want something,” Velda said, but she sure wanted everything Ellen had in store for her. They took her to her beautiful room, which was decked out like “Wilma Flintstone in the 21st Century.”


Ellen: Velda In Las Vegas

She went down to play the tables and she warned the older men that if they cheated her “Ellen will look you up.” Ellen sent her to get pampered at the spa. She got her feet washed in flower water and then met a tall, handsome Roman at Caesar’s Palace. She took him to dinner and then fed Ellen’s staff and the camera men. She said you have to pay kindness forward.

“You are awesome,” Ellen told Velda. She said Velda is a constant surprise. Velda said she could never thank Ellen enough for the kindness. It’s clear this is the start of a beautiful friendship and here’s hoping we see more of Velda on Ellen.

Ellen: Live Commercial for Ellen Underwear

It’s Gluteus Mikesimus‘ first commercial for Ellen underwear! Are you tired of your underwear not working as hard as you? Try Ellen underwear! Ellen underwear is great for:

  • Playing football
  • Bending over to pick up a penny
  • Giving a lecture
  • Telling time
  • Picking up a nickel
  • Playing trombone
  • Dancing Gangham Style
  • Flexing your arms and abs
  • Picking up a quarter

“Get off your derriere and buy a pair!”


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