Ellen: Sydney Underwear Model Winner & Know or Go! Harbor Edition


Ellen: Sydney Underwear Model Winner & Know or Go! Harbor Edition

Ellen played Know or Go! in Sydney Harbor, plummeting losers into the water below. She chose her Sydney underwear model.

Ellen Searches for Down Under Underwear Model

Ellen hosted a show from Sydney Harbor with all of her staff, friends and family there. Portia de Rossi, Andy “Short Shorts” Zenor, Jeannie, and Gluteus Mikesimus joined the fun on stage. Fans lined up 24 hours before to meet Ellen at her outdoor Sydney events.


Ellen loves Gluteus, but she needed to find someone to represent the Aussies.

Matt is a personal trainer in pink boxer briefs. Jason from Sydney was born in Athens, Greece. Studying law and economics, Andrew brings brains to the competition. Cal is a lifegaurd and at just 18, Martin was the youngest contestant. The crowd gave them claps for their favorite. Matt was the winner of the Sydney competition and would go on to America to fight against the Melbourne model. Ellen gave him $1,000 from Swisse Wellness and all of the guys got limited edition Ellen underwear.



Know or Go! Sydney Harbor Edition

A drop of four meters into 20 degrees Celsius water awaited the contestants on this edition of Know or Go! in Sydney Harbor. Students and stay at home mommies faced off to avoid the waters below. With the dangerous drops in the futures, the girls really stepped up their game. They did not want to get anything wrong. When the first two girls fell, contestant Gabby freaked out. She began crying and did not want to fall. Her hyperventilating stopped very abruptly when she fell. Here’s hoping she doesn’t have to use the $500 prize money on medical bills.


Ellen Fans Bring Their Best Aussie Costumes & Write Songs

Ellen brought one lucky fan with her to America to see her show live. First, her Twitter followers had to bring out their best Aussie costumes. The top costumes then paraded around her giant Sydney Harbor stage. Ellen presented them with a challenge: write a song and perform it. The best song would win the trip to America.

Megan wore an Australian flag as a cape and performed a peppy number. April dressed as a jockey, or maybe it was a rugby player. Anyways, she sang about coming to America to see the show and hopefully having a fling with DJ Tony. Bowchickawowow.

Amy was a Kangaroo with a really sad little song. That didn’t impress Ellen, so April got to go to America and the others got $500. Still pretty great!


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