Ellen: Swisse Honeymoon, Underwear Model Contest Winner & Toyota Rav 4


Ellen: Jen & Brad Getting Married

Ellen: Swisse Honeymoon, Underwear Model Contest Winner & Toyota Rav 4

Ellen gave Jen and Brad an Australian honeymoon courtesy of Swisse.

Jen and Brad are teachers and are getting married in April. Ellen talked to them about meeting in college, but they didn’t start dating until they reunited in Florida. Jen teaches fifth grade and Brad teaches second. She promised a prize to them if they could pass a simple quiz.

  • What are the primary colors?
  • Who was the 16th president?
  • What did Brad sell to buy Jen an engagement ring?

Answers: red, blue, yellow; Abraham Lincoln; Brad’s 2000 Chevy Cavalier

Ellen: Shutterfly & Swisse Honeymoon

Shutterfly has been doing kind things all year, and they gave Jen and Brad $1,000 to pay for their wedding photos. They no longer have a car, so Ellen gave them a Toyota Rav 4. Finally, Swisse gave the couple an all expenses paid Australian honeymoon.

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Ellen Underwear Model Finals

The top three, Julian, Ryan and Mike, stood at the top of Ellen’s “Know or Go” platform for the “Know or Go Under Where?” game. The winner would become the Ellen Underwear Model.

  • What country am I going to if I’m going down under?
  • How many inches long is a one foot ruler?
  • What is the last car on a train called?
  • What is the muscle in your butt called?
  • If your epidermis is showing, what organ is showing?
  • What actress did Ellen dress up as for Halloween?

Answers: Australia; 12 inches; caboose; gluteus maximus; skin; Sofia Vergara

Ellen Underwear Model Contest Winners

Julian lost on the train question and Ryan didn’t know who Ellen was for Halloween. Mike is now the first Ellen Underwear Model!

The runners up got a $1,000 American Express gift card. Mike got a year supply of Ellen underwear, $5,000 American Express gift card, a billboard on the Universal Studios lot and he’s the underwear correspondent. Ellen will be thinking up all kinds of things for Mike to do.

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