Ellen: Qantas Boomerang Blitz & National Peanut Month Joke With Andy


Ellen: Qantas Boomerang Blitz

Ellen: Qantas Boomerang Blitz & National Peanut Month Joke With Andy

Ellen and Qantas Airlines sent two best friends to Australia with the Boomerang Blitz game. Ellen played a National Peanut Month joke on Andy. (Christopher Parypa / Shutterstock.com)

It’s two weeks until Ellen heads to Australia and she wants all of her fans there. Unfortunately, we can’t all fit on a Qantas jet. Best friends Deanna and Michelle battled it out in Boomerang Blitz to win tickets to Australia. They had to run forward and grab the boomerang first before their bungee cords yanked them back.

  • Finish this sentence. “March comes in like a lion and out like ____” 
  • Harry Styles in a member of One Direction. What is 1 + 1?
  • The Academy Awards were last week. What was your favorite movie?
  • March Madness is right around the corner. Spell “march.”
  • Rico Roriguez is on the show today and he plays Manny on Modern FamilyName another sitcom.
  • Last week Jennifer Lawrence won as Oscar. Name the Sesame Street character that lives in a trash can.
  • Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl. Who is Beyoncé married to?
  • Jennifer Aniston wore a red dress to the Oscars. She was on FriendsWho is your best friend?

Accepted answers: lamb; 2; Argo; m-a-r-c-h; Friends; Oscar the Grouch; Jay-Z; Michelle/Deanna

Michelle won in points, but because they are best friends Ellen sent them both to Australia.


Ellen: Weekly Tweetly Roundup

“Following someone to their car and waiting for their spot is way more fun when the rest of the parking lot is empty.” @rachow

“Text random numbers with “Hey, I’m outside!”” @paulypeligroso

“What do we want? SELF CONFIDENCE. When do we want it? WHENEVER YOU HAVE TIME IF THAT’S OK?” @lazerdoov

“If you’re an astronaut and you don’t end every relationship by saying, “Look, I just need space” then you’re wasting everyone’s time.” @kevinfarzad

Ellen: Can Andy Say That?

Ellen likes to make her producer Andy do hilarious things. The poor guy took a major wipeout on the way to set today, but that wasn’t enough public humiliation. It’s National Peanut Month and Ellen said Andy loves peanuts. She made him say just how much he loves nuts. Andy had to say that he prefers a saltier nut and has been known to have two nuts at once. Ellen gave Andy a handful of nuts and let him walk away.


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