Ellen Know Or Go: Memorial Day American Trivia


Ellen Know Or Go: Memorial Day

Ellen began by addressing all of the people who were watching her show on Memorial Day instead of celebrating outside. “From the bottom of my heart, you made a wise choice,” she said jokingly.

“You’re not going to get sunburned watching our show. It’s completely safe except for the two audience members that I’m going to drop through a hole.”


This introduced the day’s game, Know or Go. The game was very simple. Three audience members were selected to stand on top of a platform and were asked trivia questions. If they answered correctly, they remained in the game. If a contestant answered incorrectly, then Ellen pushed a button, releasing a trap door beneath that contestant’s feet, thus eliminating them.

Ellen: Know Or Go Jersey Shore

In a Memorial Day edition of Ellen Know Or Go, a contestant could only name one Jersey Shore cast member: Snooki. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen Know Or Go: Crocodiles?

Ellen joked that they didn’t know what the contestants were falling into underneath the platform.


“We don’t know what’s underneath there,” she said. “Sometimes it’s crocodiles.”

Ellen: Jersey Shore American Trivia

In honor of memorial day, Ellen said the trivia category would be American Trivia.

“I’m sure you studied before you came to the show,” she said, teasing the contestants.

The first task was to name three cast members on the Jersey Shore. The contestant only knew one member from the show, Snooki, but Ellen said she didn’t want to drop anyone that early in the game, so she gave her another chance.

Ellen Know Or Go: Sophia Grace

The second task was to “name two adorable British girls who invaded America’s hearts this year.” This was a very funny moment in the game, because anyone who’s watched Ellen in the last month would know that she’s had Sophia Grace and Rosie on the show repeatedly. Despite how obvious the answer was, the contestant didn’t know.

“That’s just sad,” Ellen said to the contestant. “Do you know who were even talking about?”

The hammed up look of disappointment on Ellen‘s face gave little doubt that she would drop that contestant. Sure enough, she pushed the button and the contestant fell through the stage.

The third task was to say, “Florida Flo Rida” three times fast. Flo Rida is a rapper. The contestant did this pretty easily.

Ellen: “Au Revoir” Goodbye in French

The fourth trivia question was, “how do you say goodbye in French?” Amazingly, the contestant didn’t know! It was astounding. This was another pretty funny moment on the game, because Ellen informed the contestant the correct answer was “au revoir,” just before she dropped her, which was fitting.

Ellen Vs Sofia Vergara: Hottest CoverGirl

The fifth trivia question was, “If you had to chose between me and Sofia Vergara, who would you say is the hottest CoverGirl?” The contestant predictably said Ellen. Ellen and the contestant then started joking about how nobody can understand Sofia.

“How she has a career, I have no idea because no one understands her,” Ellen said.

The final trivia question was “who was the fourth president of the United States?” The answer was James Madison, but the contestant guessed incorrectly. Despite that this contestant was the last one standing, Ellen seemed pretty eager to drop all of them, so she did.

Each contestant was rewarded with a $500 gift card from Visa.


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