Ellen: Kirsten Dunst’s Nipple Slip: Country Music Awards


Ellen: Kirsten Dunst ‘Guesstures’

Ellen and Kirsten Dunst played a round of oversized Guesstures with two women from the audience.

Kirsten Dunst Nipple Ellen Country Music Awards

Kirsten Dunst's dress slipped down, revealing her nipple, when she played Guesstures with Ellen (Image Credit: Lev Radin / Shutterstock.com)

The game split the four of them up into two teams. One member from each team would try to act out the word on the card while the other member tried to guess what the word was. Once that member guessed the word, the other would grab the card from the top of the box. If that member didn’t guess the word in time, the card would fall into the box. The object of the game was to successfully grab all four cards.


Ellen’s team was mildly successful. Her teammate guessed harp and kite correctly but missed the other two.

Kirsten’s team was more successful at guessing, but not at playing. Her teammate guessed three of the words, but Kirsten was only able grab two of them in time.

Despite the tie, Ellen said that both audience members did a great job and so she gave them each a $500 gas card for Shell.


Ellen: Kirsten Dunst’s Nipple Slip

At the end of Guesstures, Kirsten Dunst turned away from the audience because her dress slipped down to reveal one of her nipples. She covered it well though. No one seemed to see anything. She turned away from the audience to pull up her dress and Ellen stood in front of her to make sure that no one saw anything.

“Somebody got a nipple!” Kirsten said.

“Well then everybody won!” Ellen joked.

Ellen Sends Fan To Country Music Awards

Ellen sent her assistant Jeannie to visit a young woman named Ashley. Ashley is apparently a huge country music fan and Ellen decided to send her to the Country Music Awards.

Ellen called Ashley while Jeannie was walking to Ashley’s door. Ashley picked up right away.

“I’m pretty sure I recognize this voice,” Ashley said.

“What voice do you recognize?” Ellen asked.

“Oh my god!” Ashley said. “Is this Ellen?”

Ashley went into hysterics that got even more obnoxious after she found Jeannie at the door.

To prove that she was worthy of a pass to the Country Music Awards, Ellen quizzed Ashley about country music.

“What is the capital of country music?” Ellen asked.

“Nashville, Tennessee,” Ashley said.

“Tell me some of your favorite artists,” Ellen said.

“I absolutely love Taylor Swift,” Ashley said. “She is my favorite person on Earth. I love her so much.”

She also told Ellen she loves Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, and Lady Antebellum.

“You’re going to get to meet them on Wednesday!” Ellen said. “You’re going to the CMA’s!”

Ashley went into fits of joy. It was kind of adorable.


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