Ellen Flies Qantas to Australia, Swisse Gives $10,000 for School Loans


Ellen DeGeneres: $10,000 Gift From Swisse for Student Loans

Ellen played her game Gold Digger. It’s really simple, you go inside a box and money flies around you. You try to grab as much cash as you can in the time allotted.

Maddie and Patrick are a couple and nurses in Sydney. They’ve been dating for 15 months, but been friends for a long time. Together they have $8,000 in student loans and Ellen just happened to have $8,000 in her Gold Digger machine. They put on scrubs and stuffed themselves with cash.


Swisse gave them $10,000 to pay off loans.

Ellen Flies Qantas to Australia, Swisse Gives $10,000 for School Loans

Ellen flew on the luxury international line Qantas all the way to Australia. She met some lovely people and snuggled with a couple in first class.



Andy Zenor Hosts Australian Pub Trivia Game

After a long day in the Australian sun, all Andy Zenor wanted was some Aussie beer. He headed to a pub in his signature short shorts. Andy drank a little too much, but some Aussie benefited. Andy asked the Aussie’s trivia questions. Questions included:

  • Which three characters joined Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?
  • What two countries border the United States?
  • Who is the current Vice President of the United States?

Andy drank a lot of beer because Aussies are smart. But even when the people got questions wrong, he was drinking. Andy lined up all of the beer glasses on a ledge.The long shelf was covered in glasses as Andy danced and passed out cash. At the end, Andy hit the floor and all of the Australians were ready to help him. It was all part of the bit and he jumped up, ready for another drink. “Unfortunately I saw your bar tab and we’re going to have to take that out of your pay check,” Ellen told him.

Qantas Flies Ellen DeGeneres to Australia

Ellen was thrilled with her experience on Qantas airlines. She flew in first class, but spent a lot of time in coach. She handed out fresh hot towels (for $1.50) or used warm towels (for 50 cents). The passengers were puzzled and refreshed. Then, Ellen handed out Qantas pajamas and got the passengers to do a wave to improve circulation while flying.

Ellen met a couple on their honeymoon and invited them up to first class as a gift. They got treated to a special pod, Qantas pajamas, a first class meal and all the pillows you could want. Ellen wasn’t skimpy with the pillows and buried the husband under the fluff.

The flight attendants made up the pod into a bed and gave the couple eye masks. Before drifting off to sleep, Ellen squeezed in and the three of them spooned all the way to Australia. Or at least until the wife made Ellen take her hands off of her man.


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