Ellen: Elton John Oscar Party Game & Steve Harvey Hidden Camera


Ellen: Elton John Oscar Party

Ellen: Elton John's Oscar Party Game & Steve Harvey's Mustache Joke

Ellen gave her viewer a ticket to Elton John’s Oscar Party. (s_buckley / Shutterstock.com)

Every year, Elton John hosts a spectacular Oscars party. He’s used the event to raised $3 million to fight AIDS. This year at his party her will host Katy Perry, among other amazing celebrities, and perform with Emeli Sandé. Ellen is sending one lucky audience member to the party, outfitted in Marchesa for J.C. Penney.


Ellen: Sisters Compete For The Oscar

Sisters Megan and Andie faced off to win a ticket to the party. Megan had been Ellen’s dancer for the day last year, but this time luck was not on her side. Her sister Andie fought dirty and won the ticket. Megan came in second and won a gift card to J.C. Penney.

They had to run and grab a stuffed animal Oscar the Grouch while attached to bungee cords. See how you would do at their little quiz:

  • This is the 85th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. Name another Oscar.
  • Life of Pi is nominated for awards this season. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
  • Anne Hathaway played Cat Woman in The Dark Knight RisesName a type of cat.
  • Jessica Chastain stars in Zero Dark ThirtyWhat time is it at 30 past two?
  • Bradley Cooper is nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Which one of the sisters, Andie or Megan, has a Pinterest board dedicated to Bradley Cooper?
  • Seth MacFarlane is hosting the awards this year. Who hosted in 2006?

Answers: Oscar Meyer Weiner; Apple Pie; Persian; 2:30; Megan; Ellen Degeneres.


Ellen: Steve Harvey Hidden Camera

Steve Harvey shoots his show in Chicago and Ellen decided to put an ear piece in his ear during his “Ask Steve.” She fed him his lines and answered the questions that the audience asked him.

The first question was asked by Tia. Harvey had to repeat her name multiple times. She asked Harvey what to do about her boyfriend that still lives with his parents. Ellen told him there is one way to deal with this. You have to do a high kick of life. Kick in the front and kick in the back.

Becca asked Harvey what he thought about teaching a cat to use the toilet. Ellen said it’s a good idea. She told Harvey to say he taught his pet iguana to brush it’s own teeth.

Stephanie said her mom wants to set her up with her best friend’s son. Harvey asked her “who how when why where how come.” Ellen made him put on Stephanie’s glasses and say, “I feel pretty.”

Ellen: Steve Harvey’s Mustache

He then revealed that his mustache isn’t real. It’s made out of dryer lint. He had to yell of stage, “Jerry, microwave my sweet potato! I’m getting hungry.”

Stacy wanted to know what Harvey’s guilty pleasure is. He said he has healthy pleasures, like yoga. He touched his toes.

“I can’t do down dogs, but I can bark,” Ellen said through Harvey.

When the joke was all over, Harvey told Ellen, “You are the only person in all of television that I would allow to do this to me.” She really made him look like a fool.


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