Ellen: ‘Do You See What Aussie?’ Audience Game To Win Australia Trip


Ellen: Do You See What Aussie?

Because Ellen is going to Australia in March, she decided to play a game to see if she could give someone in the audience the chance to go to Australia, too, so she called down two audience members.

Contestant one, Laura, lives in London and is a harpist and contestant two, Kaitlyn, is a stay at home mom whose kids are five and nine.


Ellen: 'Do You See What Aussie?' Audience Game To Win Australia Trip

Two audience members competed for a six night stay in Melbourne or Sydney, Australia in Ellen’s game ‘Do You See What Aussie?’ (Jan Kratochvila / Shutterstock.com)

The winner received a trip for two to Australia.

Ellen: Do You See What Aussie Competition

A stuffed kangaroo went in the center of the table, which the contestants had to grab in order to be able to answer. Some of the grabs for kangaroo were really aggressive and things almost got ugly. These girls really wanted to go to Australia. The first question was: which Kardashian is having a baby with Kanye West? Laura got the question and answered Kim, which was correct.


Ellen reminded them she hosted the Oscars in 2007 and then asked them to name another awards show. Both contestants looked stumped for a second and then Laura answered The American Music Awards. With Laura having two points and Kaitlyn yet to answer, it looked like this contestant was almost over because they only needed three points to win.

The next question was: what’s Spanish for goodbye? Both women grabbed for the kangaroo, but Kaitlyn ripped it out of Laura’s hands and answered adios. Finally, the last question was: what does Qantas Airlines say at the end of the flight? Kaitlyn grabbed for the Kangaroo and said, “Have a safe trip.” But it was the wrong answer! Laura came in with, “Thank you for flying Qantas Airlines,” which Ellen said was right.

Ellen: Do You See What Aussie Rewards?

Because Kaitlyn did so well, she went home with a 42 inch Insignia television. Meanwhile, Laura got a choice of traveling to either Sydney or Melbourne for six nights. Laura jumped up and down and couldn’t believe she’d won.


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