Wetopia Facebook Game: Add Ellen As a Friend & Costa Rica Giveaway


Ellen: Wetopia Facebook Game

Ellen DeGeneres has been talking a lot this year about her favorite Facebook game, Wetopia. In the game, which is similar to popular social games like Farmville and others, players earn joy, which can be turned into cash and allocated toward charitable projects.

Ellen: Wetopia Facebook Game

Find out how to add Ellen as a friend in the Facebook game Wetopia. (Image Credit: Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock.com)


Today, Ellen introduced an audience participation game based on the Facebook experienced. It was called You + Me = Wetopia.

Ellen: You + Me = Wetopia Game

Ellen invited a woman named Kristin from the audience to join her onstage and play in today’s game. Kristin said she was excited, despite the giant vats of pudding and other props on the stage.

Kristin admitted that she hadn’t played the Facebook game yet, but Ellen gave her the opportunity to play this audience participation game. For help with the game, Ellen invited her trusty assistant Andy Zenor to come out, and he was dressed as a farmer, complete with overalls.


Ellen: How To Play You + Me = Wetopia

Ellen said that she and Kristin had to dig an Ellen token out of a giant vat of pudding. Then they had to pull three potatoes out of a child’s swimming pool filled with Oreo crumbs, using only their teeth. At least this is a delicious embarrassing audience game.

Finally, Kristin and Ellen had to sit on a Sit & Spin, be spun around three times, and then fill a container with marshmallows. Plus, they had to do all this blindfolded.

Of course, if you’ve seen the show before, you know that Ellen’s not playing, and is instead watching Kristin embarrass herself. But I’d volunteer to be covered in dessert ingredients too for a free trip to Costa Rica.

Ellen: Costa Rica Giveaway

Ellen lied and told Kristin that she won, and Kristin was smart enough to put together what was really going on. Ellen then revealed that Kristin’s real prize was an eight-day trip to Costa Rica, for volcanoes, white water rafting, and more.

Be Ellen’s Facebook Friend on Wetopia

You can become Ellen’s friend in the Wetopia Facebook game. Just log into Facebook and enter the secret password, Ellentopia, to add her as a friend within the game.

Play Wetopia on Facebook.


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