Ellen: Viggle Check-In & 1500th Episode Favorite Moments


Ellen’s 1500th Show

Ellen aired a video montage of her favorite moments from her previous episodes. The varied from Ellen dancing over her coffee table to her announcing her plans to marry. Some included endearing moments with celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey inviting Ellen to be on the cover of O Magazine. They also included clips of interviews between Ellen and public leaders like Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Bill Clinton.

Ellen Viggle

Ellen told her audience to check-in on Viggle with the new iPod Touches she gave them for free! (Image Credit: J. Henning Buchholz / Shutterstock.com)


“Here’s to 1500 more,” Ellen said at the end of the video montage.

Ellen’s $5,000 Trivia Game Giveaway

To commemorate her 1500th episode, Ellen hosted a trivia game about past episodes. She invited two audience members to participate and promised the winner $5,000.

“I wanted to see how well my audience remembers the show,” Ellen said.


The game featured videos from previous episodes. Ellen would pause the video and then ask the two participating audience members what happened next.

The segments featured Jimmy Kimmel tackling a crew member who dressed as a panda and scared Ellen, Dennis Quaid exclaiming, “Dennis Quaid is here!” at Starbucks, Jennifer Anniston putting some strange contraption on her breasts, and Canning Tatum giving Ellen a lap dance.

After the last question, the two audience members were tied so Ellen asked who the first guest on her show was, as a tie-breaker question. Neither audience member guessed the correct answer, Jennifer Anniston, so Ellen called it a tie and split the $5,000 between them.

Ellen: IPod Touch Giveaway & Viggle

At the end of the segment, Ellen talked about Viggle, a new website that gives rewards to people who watch TV programs and “check in” while doing it.

She then asked all of her audience members to “like” her on Viggle with the new IPod touches she gave away to them.


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