Messages From The Audience + Funny Autocorrects & Akshat Singh


Ellen TV: From The Audience With Love

Ellen DeGeneres started her show by wishing everyone a happy President’s Day. Ellen said besides honoring the Presidents, she wanted to give her audience a chance to honor people. She said before the show they talked to a few audience members, who may or may not remember being asked about their loved ones. Ellen wanted to share the messages she received in a segment called From the Audience with Love.

The first message was from a woman who said that every day at four o’clock she experiences something that fills her with joy, laughter, and even tears. You may have thought she was talking about Ellen, but no. She wanted to say thank you to tequila!


Messages From The Audience + Funny Autocorrects & Akshat Singh

Ellen kicked off her show by reading a few messages that her audience members wanted to share. (judilyn /

Ellen then shared a message from another audience member who wanted to promote an exercise called “seatercise.” The woman claimed that she may look like she’s just sitting in her seat enjoying the show, but she’s actually “toning her tush.”

Ellen: CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara & Beats Music App

Next, Ellen shared what one audience member called more of a criticism than a message. She wanted to know why there were so many commercials during the show. She said she wanted to see more of Ellen’s blue eyes, that were sparkling thanks to CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher mascara as well as her beautiful voice that was “music to her ears” like Beats music app with AT&T.


Ellen also shared a message from an audience member named Doug. Doug said he wanted to send a message to all his fans who knew him from his career as an adult film actor. He wanted to say thank you for supporting all his films this year such as “Shaving Mr. Banks,” “Debbie Does Dallas Buyers Club,” and “The MILF of Wall Street.” Wow!

Ellen then read a message from an audience member who felt bad for all the people who didn’t get in to see Ellen’s show. She said she wanted to offer her lap to one person from the Riff Raff room. Ellen then had Andy bring out a guy from the Riff Raff room to sit on her lap.

Ellen TV: India’s Got Talent, Akshat Singh

Ellen said she saw an amazing dancer on India’s Got Talent, named Akshat Singh. She said he was “unbelievable” and then played a clip of him dancing. Ellen said she loved him so much that she just had to meet him, so on her way to work she swung by India and picked him up. He really was on the set, and Ellen said she would talk to him later on in the show.

Ellen: Funny Autocorrects

Ellen wanted to share some funny autocorrects for her segment Clumsy Thumbsy.

The first text conversation Ellen read started innocent enough. The first person sent “I love that song you sent me.” They then received a message back that said, “I know. It’s easy to get hooker on certain dongs.” Silly autocorrect, they meant hooked on certain songs!

In another text, a daughter thanked her parents their support after getting into grad school by saying without it she “never would have gotten this fat.” She meant far, not fat! Oops!

In the next autocorrect mishap, one poor woman tried to ask her friend if they were still on for “pedis and drinks” but “pedis” autocorrected into a much more embarrassing word!


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