Ellen’s Melbourne Underwear Model Reese & Love of Scaring Taylor Swift


Ellen's Melbourne Underwear Model Reese & Love of Scaring Taylor Swift

Ellen DeGeneres told her Melbourne crowd that Reese was crowned the winner of their underwear model contest. Then, she said she loves scaring Taylor Swift.

The Down Under Underwear Contest Goes to Melbourne

While Ellen may not lust after her underwear models, she certainly shows them off properly. While in Australia, she brought her good ole trusty underwear model, Gluteus Mikesimus. Ellen sent Mike to Myer, an Australian department store, and got people to dance while modelling in the window. Aussies can really dance.


He was later joined by the Sydney underwear model, Matt. Now, it was time to choose Matt’s speedo clad rival – Melbourne’s Down Under Underwear Model.

A personal trainer with a love of travle, Richie, was joined by small town boy Reese. A cheerleader David knew how to make the ladies scream. The singing stripper from Australia’s got talent, Dylan was the final contestant.

Reese had to Gangham Style while Richie did pushups. Dylan gave Ellen’s writer Lauren a lap dance and David had to make up an Ellen cheer.


It was a tie between Richie and Reese, with Reese coming out the top Melbourne underwear model. He got $1,000 and the others got $500 from Swisse Wellness and limited edition Ellen Underwear.

Ellen DeGeneres Inspired By Portia de Rossi & Loves to Scare Taylor Swift

Just like her Sydney Harbor show, Ellen hosted a huge event in Melbourne. This was the biggest show and audience Ellen has ever hosted, so it was a fun time. Ellen put mics out in the audience so that people could ask questions. The first was who is Ellen inspired by. Of course, she said her wife, Portia de Rossi. The crowd chanted for Portia

“She is the kindest, most compassionate, most brilliant, most beautiful human being I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Ellen gushed. “She makes me happier than I’ve ever been.”

The crowd was dying to know who Ellen loves to scare the most. She said that there is no one better to scare than Taylor Swift.

If Ellen weren’t a talk show host, she said she would be working with animals. She loves lending a voice to animals and the environment. Ellen wants to leave a beautiful planet for the next generation.

Ellen’s favorite thing about Melbourne is the people that live in the beautiful city. She finished her show by launching teeshirts into the crowd. What a blast!


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