Ellen’s First Monologue Ever & Audience Member Gets Emotional GIft


What’s In the Box?: Mother’s Day

Ellen's First Monologue Ever & Audience Member Gets Emotional GIft

Ellen gave away tons of swag and got audience members emotional with special gifts. Ellen brought out her first monologue from season one of her talk show.

One of Ellen’s “What’s in the Box?” gifts was worth $10,000 today. She said that these are gifts you can keep yourself, or give to your mom for Mother’s Day.


Ellen’s first gift went to a stay-at-home mom who takes care of her father full-time. She chose box number three, which contained a stuffed banana with dreadlocks. Lucky for her, this banana came with a trip to Jamaica.

Next, Ellen walked over to Janice, a woman who she saw dancing earlier. Janice lost herself when Ellen picked her. She couldn’t stand up and told Ellen that she got her through a very tough time in her life. She picked what was in Ellen’s pocket, because she hoped it was money. Inside, Janice got $1,000 to IKEA, Nike, Ticketmaster, Target and Bloomingdales. Janice fell on the floor crying. She couldn’t really recover, so Ellen had to walk away.

Franklin was Ellen’s next contestant. His wife made him pick number two. He got a $1,000 iTunes gift card. To play and store it all, he got a MacBook, iPhone 5 and iPad mini.


The final contestant, a school teacher, got $10,000 from Shutterfly.

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This + That: Audience Dances

In this segment Ellen combines some of her audience members’ dance moves with hilarious sound effects. The finished product was hilarious and needs to be seen to believe.

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Ellen’s Favorite Moments Season 1 & 2

Way back when, Cynthia Nixon came to visit Ellen. They had a hilarious time in season two when Ellen played a word game. They put in very crooked fake teeth and talked like old British ladies. Ellen had to get Cynthia Nixon to say “jacuzzi,” but she made it harder and kept shouting “whirlpool” in a very high voice.

Ellen’s very first show was on September 8, 2003. In her first monologue, Ellen’s hair was long and she wore pink. It was of course laughable and sweet to look back. Ellen fans almost want to tear up at the very first Ellen.

Ellen Gives Danielle Patterson $20,000 & Insignia TV

Ellen recently gave an audience member, Danielle Patterson, $5,000 in her “What’s in the Box?” game. As a joke, Ellen told her she was getting an old fashioned salon hairdryer. Danielle was pumped about that and the $5,000, but she really wanted the hairdryer.

Ellen invited Danielle back to the show so that she could give her the hairdryer. At the same time, Ellen found out that Danielle’s family needed a little help. She gave Danielle an iPad mini, a new 42” Insignia TV, a trip to Jamaica and the hairdryer. Oh, and Shutterfly threw in $20,000. In all, it was a good day to be Danielle Patterson.

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