Ellen Vs Alison Sweeney Life Size Jenga Rematch


Ellen vs Alison Sweeney Jenga Rematch

In April 2012, Days Of Our Lives star and The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney capped off her visit to The Ellen Show with a friendly game of Life Size Jenga. By the time the game was over, Alison was on the floor surrounded by the remaining game pieces, and Ellen’s Fans Made A Stink.

That’s why Ellen DeGeneres invited Alison back for a rematch. This time she came prepared, wearing a wrestling helmet, kneepads…and heels. Aside from bragging rights, this rematch carried high stakes. The winner would receive a Jenga Champion trophy (made from a regulation size Jenga set) and a $15 Ellen Shop gift card.


Ellen: Alison Sweeney Rematch

After fans cried foul, Ellen invited Alison Sweeney back for a Jenga rematch. (Image Credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

To keep things honest, Andy Zenor busted out a referee’s uniform to keep an eye on the match. Alison was just waiting for Ellen to shove her or something, but the ladies went a full round without any trouble.

Jenga Rematch: Ellen Vs Alison Sweeney

Don’t ever turn your back to Ellen during a game. Her competitive streak will do you in. She was too close for comfort as Alison made another move. At least they both seemed to be following the one-handed Jenga rule this time, unlike in their original face-off.


During Ellen’s turn, Alison discovered it’s harder to cause trouble by blowing on super size Jenga pieces than in the regular size game. For her next move, Alison took a piece from the second row, which is against the rules. She should be disqualified! What was the point of the rematch if they weren’t going to enforce the rules?

Ellen Jenga Game: Alison Sweeney

With the tower teetering, Ellen couldn’t figure out where to go next. She followed in Alison’s footsteps, choosing a piece from too high up in the tower. I guess maybe they don’t have the same rules for the life size game? I’m not sure, but I suspect Ellen is going to get many more letters from angry Jenga fans.

Ultimately, Ellen’s final move knocked over the tower and ended the game, which made Alison the rightful champion. I guess that’s fair, since they were both playing fast and loose with the rules again.

“For those of you at home, this was really about 25 minutes, and you’re seeing about three minutes of it,” Ellen said. You can watch the unedited version of their Jenga game on Ellen’s website.


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