Ellen Vs Alison Sweeney Life Size Jenga & Dance Dare Finalist


Ellen: Alison Sweeney Jenga

Ellen DeGeneres confronted Alison Sweeney about her new addiction. She and her husband are hooked on the classic party game Jenga.

“My son Ben got it for Christmas, and so we always play family game night together,” she said, showing some home video of the action.


Ellen: Life Size Jenga

Ellen took on Alison Sweeney in a life size Jenga game with a tower that was taller than both women.

Ellen surprised Alison with a gigantic game of Jenga. Ellen said she is rusty, but she was happy to challenge Alison to a game, because we all know how competitive Ellen can be.

“The basic strategy is that you want to get one that seems like it’s not weight bearing,” Alison said.


Ellen admitted she turned down the chance to practice before the show, and now she’s wishing she had taken the opportunity.

Ellen Vs Alison Sweeney: Life Size Jenga

Alison had trouble getting the game going, because she couldn’t find a loose piece to pull out. It’s got to be strange going from small wooden blocks to large orange blocks that seemed like they were made of cardboard or plastic.

The ladies went a few rounds, and Ellen pleaded ignorance about the rules, using two hands to loosen a game piece while Alison tried to blow on the life size tower to make it fall.

Alison smoothly found another piece to stack atop the tower, which was already at least a head and a half taller than both players. I guess you could say the tower was stacked against Alison from the beginning, because Ellen never met a game she couldn’t cheat at.

But once Alison gave in and attempted to cheat, Ellen gave her a light touch that sent her topping into the tower. She collapsed on the floor in a fit of laughter, and Ellen got down with her to apologize.

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Ellen: Dance Dare Finalist

Ellen has been sharing Dance Dares over the last few months, and promised to reward the best viewer submission with a trip to the show. Today she announced that Yousef Erakat of Union City, California, is one of the Dance Dare finalists.

Yousef danced behind two women in the shoe department, another lady picking out cosmetics, store employees in electronics and shoes, and countless unsuspecting shoppers. I do think he has the best fake out moves for when he almost gets busted by his Dance Dare victims.

Ellen is still taking submissions via YouTube for Dance Dare contestants who want the chance to win a trip to her show.


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