Ellen Underwear Model Finalists & Will Obama Discontinue Pennies?


Ellen Underwear Model Finalists

Ellen started a competition last month asking for men and women to submit pictures of themselves in Ellen Underwear. The winner gets $10,000 and the title of the first Ellen Underwear model. Today, Ellen had the top five men walk the runway and complete the question and answer portion of the competition.

Ellen Underwear Model Runway

Ellen Underwear Model Finalists & Will Obama Discontinue Pennies?

Ellen had her Ellen Underwear Model finalists walk the runway and answer personality questions.


Julian has a kind heart and works with adults with autism. He said he treats everyone with kindness and came out shaking his six pack. Ellen asked him to name five vegetables in five seconds. He named two fruits.

William first got on Ellen but reading 50 Shades of Grey in his Ellen undies. She sent him a copy of her book Seriously, I’m Kidding. William said that if he had $50 to buy Ellen a gift he would get her something from J.C. Penney and a copy of her book. The problem is she has both of those things already.

Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Mike is a purple heart veteran and thinks Ellen’s eyes are stunning. Ellen asked him, “puppies or kittens?” He likes puppies.


Mike “Baby Cakes” is a fan of classic joke tuesday. He’s 62 and a retired teacher. Baby Cakes has been married 42 years, so Ellen asked him what is the secret to a long and happy marriage. He said do whatever your wife asks you to do.

Ellen Underwear Model Finalists

Ryan is a personal trainer. Ellen asked him what he would do to keep Ellen warm if they were stranded in Antarctica. He said he was wrap his arms around her and hold her tight. Ellen said she would like a fire as well.

The final three were Julian, Mike and Ryan. Baby Cakes and William went home with $1,000 American Express Gift Card. The finalists will compete late on in a special edition of “Know Or Go.”

Ellen: Penny Ideas

The Canadian penny was discontinued and Ellen said President Obama is considered discontinuing the American penny. That leaves you with two choices: cash them all in now or do arts and crafts with them! Ellen whipped up a pair of penny loafers  made of pennys, penny penne pasta and a Penny Marshall bust.

Ellen: Just Kid Ink

Are your kids good with a pen and paper? Ellen got a couple of letters from kids that were adorable and hilarious, proving that kids still say the darndest things.

One little girl wrote the Tooth Fairy to complain that she hadn’t gotten her money yet, a month after she lost the tooth. She asked that the Tooth Fairy include interest in her payment.

Another kid drew a picture of “Mommy without coffee.” It came to resemble something between mommy mauled by a lion and mommy the zombie.


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