Ellen: The Situation Doesn’t Know Seasons & Scion 10 Series Giveaway


Scion 10 Series & iPad Giveaway

Ellen: The Situation Doesn't Know Seasons & Scion 10 Series Giveaway

Ellen gave away a Scion 10 series to someone in her audience. In a flashback, The Situation didn’t know the four seasons and had to go. (image credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen wants everyone to play everyday. One of her favorite games is “What’s in the Box?” One of Ellen’s prizes in today’s show is worth $25,000. Ellen roamed the crowd to find people that stood out.


Valerie brought her mother to the show because she is getting married on Mother’s Day. Ellen loved the way she did the robot. Valerie chose box number two. She won an iPad.

Tobey had to choose between a curtain or something in Ellen’s pocket. He chose the “hot pocket.” He won $1,000.

Andrea had to spell “peonies,” Ellen’s favorite flower, before she could guess. She chose box number three and won a trip to Las Vegas and $100.


Lindsay was the big winner of the game. She won a 2013 Scion worth $25,000. It is a Scion 10 series in honor of Scion’s tenth anniversary.

Jersey Shore “Know Or Go” Ellen Season Seven

Ellen’s favorite moments from season seven were very funny. She put the cast of Jersey Shore up on her “Know or Go.” The Situation didn’t know that “bon” in French means good. Then he couldn’t name the four seasons. Snooki thought that Canada was one of the original colonies.

“Shift It, Shift It In Forward” Transmission Center Commercial

Believe it or not, this a real ad. Is it horribly wonderful or slightly offensive? You decide. Thank Ellen and Arlen’s Transmission in Burbank, California for this gem.

Classic Joke Thursday

Meredith and Mindy Skyped in to Ellen’s taping to tell a joke. They thought they were meeting one of Ellen’s producers, but then Ellen greeted them. They went wild when they heard that it was Ellen. Fortunately, they collected themselves to tell their jokes.

“How do you organize a space party?”

“You Planet.”

Because everyone loved the joke, or at least Ellen told them they did, she is flying Meredith and Mindy out to see a taping of Ellen.


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