Ellen: Teen Invents 20-Second Cell Phone Charger & JC Penney Makeover


Esha Khare Invents a 20-Second Cell Phone Charger

Inventions are inspiring. A person sat down and pulled something creative out of their brain. Ellen was really inspired by a teen in California that made a cell phone charger that will juice your iPhone up in 20 seconds.

“Meanwhile, there’s an adult out there that invented a taco shell out of Doritos,” Ellen said.


Esha Kare, 18, said she was tired of her cell phone dying and it taking so long to charge. Ellen said that more people should be like Esha, see a problem and create a solution.

Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Ellen: Teen Invents 20-Second Cell Phone Charger & JC Penney Makeover

Teenager Esha Khare’s invention will charge your cellphone in 20 seconds. JC Penney gave a family in need a home decor makeover.


Ellen’s classic joke of the day made you think a little bit.  “What do you do when you see a spaceman?” “Park your car, man!”

Ellen Powerball Ticket Giveaway

Three women in Ellen’s audience won $4 thanks to Ellen’s mass buying of California Powerball tickets. Unfortunately, or fortunately, a guy in Florida won the $600 million. Good for him, bad for the rest of us.

Kevin the Cashier Played by Adam: Foot Locker

In this edition of Kevin the Cashier Played by Adam, Ellen sent Adam to Foot Locker. He opened up by telling a guy about all of the places in the mall he had been fired from, including that time he stole tea from Teavana. For being a good listener, Kevin gave the guy an assortment of his stolen teas. Then, Kevin the Cashier tried to measure a kid’s foot. The mom stood by and didn’t offer any advice, but it was clearly not the right way to measure a foot. He eventually gave up and walked away. The mom gave her son a very horrified look. The best part was when he saw a guy walking through the store with a frappucino. He tried the guy’s drink and gave him $20 to got buy him the same drink from Coffee Bean. The guy walked off and a girl sucking on a lollipop confronted Kevin. What if he got germs? she asked. He said he didn’t care, but wanted to try her lollipop. Ew, no.

Ellen & JC Penney Home Decor Shopping Spree & Viggle App Winners

Last week, Ellen gave Holly and Gary $20,000 for watching her show and checking-in on Viggle. They are from a very tiny town “I about passed out and peed all at the same time,” Holly said he three year old son had to hold the iPad to reveal the $20,000. Ellen invited them to the show to talk about the experience. This was their first time flying anywhere and it was a shock. They brought their three kids and Holly is a stay-at-home mom. Gary works 80-hour weeks to pay the bills. After paying all of their bills and working hard on the kids, the family had 52 cents left over. The money came at the perfect time because now they can afford central heat and air for their home. Ellen and JC Penney surprised the couple with a home decor shopping spree. They can go and get all of the things they need to make their tiny home feel like a stylish and comfortable space.



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