Ellen: Tea Time With Harry Connick, Jr. In A Tutu & Viggle Surprise


Tea Time With Harry Connick, Jr. In A Tutu

Ellen: Tea Time With Harry Connick, Jr. In A Tutu & Viggle Surprise

Sophia Grace and Rosie had Tea Time with Harry Connick. Jr. in a tutu, and he said the outfit was actually very comfortable. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Sophia Grace and Rosie, the British singers Ellen is grooming for their own reality show, had tea with actor/singer Harry Connick, Jr. He thought their tea party was super fancy, or at least was very patronizing to the girls.


In short order, the girls talked Harry into putting on a tiara and a tutu, which he said were very comfortable. Sophia Grace thought he looked hilarious, and Rosie said that he looked good.

Ellen: Harry Connick, Jr. Southern Accent

As the conversation dragged on, Sophia Grace claimed that her father sometimes wears her mother’s clothes. I’m not sure if she meant this to be comforting to Harry, but she recognized immediately that it would embarrass her father.

The girls asked Harry to teach them to speak in a New Orleans accent. He tried to teach them to say “Where y’at, darlin’?” I am not sure that Harry should be a children’s dialect coach.


Harry Connick Jr Reviews Sophia Grace

Since he has experience on American Idol, Sophia Grace asked Harry to critique her singing. She did a few bars of Alicia Keys a capella, and he said she was a perfect 10, and that she made him want to get up and dance. The girl can definitely sing.

Ellen: Viggle Viewer Giveaway

Ellen’s show is giving away $20,000 to viewers who use the Viggle app to check in while watching each day. She called to surprise Tracy Shafford from Douglasville, Georgia, and invite her and her daughter to a taping of Ellen’s show.

You never know what is going to happen when Ellen is making a phone call on TV. Tracy was very excited to hear from her, and said that she loves to watch each day. She mentioned her 16-year-old daughter and said that she is a single mom.

Ellen Surprises Georgia Single Mom

They have a dog and a cat, which are both rescue pets. Tracy said that she has been unemployed since March and has had trouble finding a job. Apparently this gives Tracy a lot of time to keep up with Ellen’s show on social media.

She has accumulated nearly 19,000 points checking in on the Viggle app, and Ellen invited Tracy and her daughter to get on a plane and appear on an upcoming show. I guess since school is probably out and Tracy doesn’t have to work, she shouldn’t have trouble clearing her schedule.


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