Ellen: Steve Harvey Family Feud + Nicknames For Body Parts


Ellen: Steve Harvey “Family Feud”

Ellen DeGeneres wanted to play Family Feud with the game show’s host Steve Harvey, so she brought down four audience members to play on one time, and then three people from her staff, dressed in blonde wigs and matching outfits, to be on her team.

Family Feud is without a doubt my favorite game show, so I was beyond excited to see Ellen go at it! She explained that they polled yesterday’s audience in order to get the top answers on the board.



Ellen: Steve Harvey Family Feud + Nicknames For Body Parts

Ellen played a round of Family Feud with the game’s host and her special guest, Steve Harvey. (Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com)

Steve Harvey started the game by asking “Name a nickname people use for a body part.” Carla buzzed in first for the audience member team and said “pony.” Which had everyone dying laughing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the board. Ellen then said “tush,” but that wasn’t on the board either. The next guesses were “winky” and “junk” which also weren’t on the board. Finally, Lauren from Ellen’s team said “boobies” which was the second answer on the board. Adam guessed “rump” which wasn’t on the board.


Ellen TV: “Family Feud” + Nicknames For Body Parts

Finally it was Ellen’s turn, and she said “wee-wee.” Surprisingly, that wasn’t on the board either!

What I found most hilarious, was that after every answer, Ellen and her team clapped their hands, nodded their heads, and exclaimed “good answer!” just like the teams do on the actual show.

The next guess was “pee-pee.” As Steve said, everyone was coming up with nicknames for that one body part, when there are plenty of other body parts that have nicknames! “Pee-pee” wasn’t on the board either.

After three wrong answers, Steve moved over to the audience member team to give them a chance to steal. They came up with “noggin.” Finally another body part! But of course, it wasn’t on the board either!

The actual answers were dome, va-jay-jay, ta-tas, nobs, badonkadonk, hoo-ha, boobies, and caboose.

“What audience do you have here?” Steve said to Ellen. I was thinking the same thing after seeing those top answers!

Ellen badly wanted to do one more round, but they ran out of time.


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