Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day Know Or Go + Could You Spell Tchotchke?


Ellen TV: St. Patrick’s Day Know Or Go

Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her show by wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day. She immediately said that whether her audience was drunk for the holiday or not, three people were about to fall down because it was time to play Know or Go!

Ellen: St. Patrick's Day Know Or Go + Could You Spell Tchotchke?

Ellen played a St. Patrick’s Day version of Know Or Go with three of her audience members. (Javier Brosch / Shutterstock.com)


The first question Ellen asked was “March comes in like a lion, what does it go out like?” Diana guessed correctly by saying “lamb.” I definitely didn’t know that one!

Ellen then asked stay-at-home mom of 5, Michelle, to name something that makes her happy. She responded “Ellen.”

Ellen moved on to Jessica and asked her to name something college kids might do on spring break. She correctly answered “go to Mexico!”


Going back to Diana, Ellen asked her how many Os were in Barack Obama. She was right in saying one.

Ellen: Know Or Go + Could You Spell Tchotchke?

Ellen then asked Michelle to name four celebrities that posed in the record-breaking selfie. Michelle said Julia Roberts and Ellen but then couldn’t name anyone else. Ellen pushed the button and Michelle held her nose as she fell through the floor. “I assume she thinks there’s water down there,” Ellen said.

Ellen asked Jessica “According to legend, St. Patrick drove what kind of animal out of Ireland?” Jessica answered “A leprechaun? A goat? A monster?” The correct answer was snakes. Close, Jessica!

Ellen asked the last remaining player, Diana, what famous Friends star also starred in the movie Leprechaun? Diana actually got it correct by saying Jennifer Aniston, which surprised Ellen.

Ellen then explained that last week they had a kid with incredible spelling skills on the show, and asked Diana if she could spell the word tchotchke. She couldn’t, but then again I had to Google it myself! Down the hole Diana went! 

I definitely wouldn’t have lasted in this episode’s Know Or Go! All three of the women walked away with 50 inch Insignia televisions!


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