Ellen: Sorry Spin Life Size Board Game Competition


Ellen: Sorry Spin Game

What makes you dizzy and then apologizes? It’s Ellen’s hilarious audience game, Sorry Spin. Today’s contestants were Nicole Rucker and Amanda Hockenberg.

Amanda is a court reporter from California. Nicole couldn’t remember what she does for a living, but she said she lives in Los Angeles. “I’m a file clerk,” she eventually concluded. Ellen DeGeneres said she hopes that she never needs Nicole to find a file. I guess she is overwhelmed about being on TV.


Ellen: Sorry Spin Game

Ellen's audience played a life size version of the Sorry Spin board game.

How To Play Sorry Spin

To win Ellen’s Sorry Spin, a contestant has to get their four life size game pieces from one end of the board to the other, by navigating the spinning wheels in between. The fastest time wins, and your opponent gets to shoot balls at you while you’re playing.

Sounds like exactly Ellen’s type of fun. The girls got to protect themselves by suiting up with pads and helmets before the competition began.


Sorry Spin Round One

Nicole played first, with the red pieces, and she had lots of trouble navigating the tilted, spinning wheels. Is there a maximum time limit? I guess so; Nicole got buzzed after one minute of making no progress.

Sorry Spin Round Two

All Amanda had to do was get one piece across the board. She managed to do that in about 30 seconds, and her pratfalls certainly amused Ellen in the process.

For braving the game course, both women received a $500 Shell gift card, which doesn’t fill up your tank as many times as it used to.

Ellen also gave her entire audience $100 each in Shell gift cards. That might fill up an SUV two whole times.

Sorry Spin Board Game

The Sorry Spin board game is available if you want to play at home, but it features miniature pieces instead of a life size game course.

Click here to purchase the Sorry Spin board game.

Ellen: Awards Season

Ellen noted that Award Season is finally over, and she thought that would free up some of her TV time this weekend. “And then I remembered there was a new episode of Celebrity Apprentice, so there went that,” she said.


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